5 Shoes You Can’t Live Without!

Everyone has their own personal style and has their own taste in shoes. Not everyone is a high-heel feign or a sneaker head.


My everyday number one comfortable shoe would have to be Toms. The shoe is a shoe you could wear to a sporting event and turn around and wear them to church if desired. I also wear them because buying them goes to a good cause. If you buy a pair of Toms, you donate a pair of shoes towards a child in a third world country who is less fortunate.

Secondly, nobody can live without a pair of flat shoes. So any shoe that is of a different color and that’s a flat I automatically get attached.

Steve Madden

Have you ever heard of the Steven Madden shoe collection? There is a flat shoe, which is of a light brown with a fashionable zipper in the back that gets special treatment from me. When I want to go out to dinner or to any event, I pull them out and sport them as if they were brand new.



Also, I don’t think anyone could live without a pair of good fit sneakers. Right now in the sneaker game a lot of Jordan’s, Adidas and Nike’s are really what everyone is talking about. Not everyone is wearing them for everyday shoes; some wear them for style or to show them off. Considering that we are in the season of showing skin, who would live without a god pair of sandals.


During the spring and summer, men and women love to get pedicures to be able to show their feet off with different fashions. Wearing sandals gives your feet that free feeling of letting your feet get fresh air.

Bedroom Slipper

Last but not least, a shoe that any average woman loves to wear in their down time would have to be bedroom shoes. No matter what kind of shoe that it is, all that matters is if they are comfortable to you. I know some folks wear slippers or any type of shoe they would not wear out in public as bedroom shoes.

In my opinion those would have to be the top shoes that any woman would have in their closet.

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