Amber Rose Says Her Upcoming Reality Show Will Be An ‘Open Book Of Her Life’

While Amber Rose has been a fixture in the blogosphere for some time now, she doesn’t do too many interviews and — for the most part — all you know about her is what you read in the gossip columns.

However, that’s gonna change very soon … with the launch of her upcoming reality show, which she says will make her life an open book.

During a recent appearance at Hollywood’s popular Millions of Milkshakes bar, Rose briefly spoke with RumorFix.com about plans of her show, and why she won’t be competing with the Kardashian sisters.

“I’m not really in any competition,” Rose commented. “I’m like way different than those girls, so I just bring my own thing to the table. It’s a look into a my life, my businesses, my family, my radio show.

“I’ve been quiet for long enough, so I want to come out and just be an open book and let people into my life,” she continued.

Rose initially broke the news about the reality show, dubbed “Behind Her Shades,” during an interview with Vibe back in April. According to the socialite, it began filming in June and will be centered around her a vintage sunglasses store she’s launching in Los Angeles.

“I also have a reality show that’s gonna come out on VH1 and start filming early June, so that’s gonna be incorporated in the show,” she explained. “The shop isn’t up right now. You’ll see the process that I have to go through in order to get — it’s not really easy to get a store and get people to come … but it’ll go through. My show is going to be an open book of my life and my family and my businesses and its called ‘Behind Her Shades,’ because usually I have shades on and its everything behind them that people don’t know about. But they will learn, and part of that is my shade shop. It’s all vintage frames.”

While Rose claimed the show was coming out on VH1, the network denied that any deal had been worked out.

Stay tuned…

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