Beauties Without Makeup?!

Turn on the television, flip through a magazine or browse the internet and you will notice one common denominator, Beauty People! The everyday woman is consistently struggling trying to live up to the enhanced woman.

I remember my freshman year in college sitting on my bed in the dorm room talking it up with some fellow friends I made. We were talking about the kind of person we wanted to be with. This …unattractive guy had the audacity to say he wanted a girl who woke up beautiful. No sleep in the eyes, hair in position, face clean and breathe fresh. My jaws dropped for two reasons. First of all, its always the ones with less sex appeal always wanting to bag a dime but it was the fact that even in his … uncanny state he still wanted the fictitious woman. The one with no flaws. Well I am here to show and tell him, and men like him, it doesn’t exist.

I have complied a list of extra-ordinary woman who, when the cameras and lights are on, are the “perfect” people but when the sets breakdown,everyone goes home, and  the makeup comes off  you see the real person.

Before we begin I would like to state that these women are beautiful (most of the time)but hey, they are only human .

                                                    Keyshia Cole


This Heaven Sent singers looks anything but in the first picture but after a glam team  takeover Ms. Cole transforms to a beautiful woman with an angelic beauty.







Ashanti has been in the game long enough to know walking out of the house without at least a dab of makeup is a no-no. The Foolish star made a foolish mistake not applying some mascara and lip gloss but gets an A+ for having those eyebrows done.

                                                         Mariah Carey


Where to began? Mariah surprised us all when she stripped the smoky eyes and glittery short dresses and allowed us to catch a glimpse of a more neutral homey looking superstar in the movie Precious.


                                                         Kelly Rowland


She may have spilled all her business in her latest album but the Dirty Laundry starlet still looks flawless without makeup. No blemishes, wrinkles or cracks. I would have to say that of everyone on the list Kelly’s beauty is only enhanced with makeup.



When a natural beauty goes hard, her looks are gone forever! Rihanna has been considered a natural beauty by many but after a rough couple of years dealing with abusive relationships, smoking and partying hard the Pour it Up singer is pouring on the makeup to hide the toll a hard life has taken on the star.







If anyone on the list has come the furthest its Brandy. After rocking every kind of braid in her adolescence , the Full Moon singer and mother opted for a more grown and sexy look, leaving the box braids behind.The transition has paid off, however strip her of the makeup and what are we left with? A very average looking talented woman.

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