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Today we’ve got a fascinating topic, and as you already read in the title, this is something that we love: photography. This beautiful art of capturing the right image, in the right time, and in the right angle. We can say that taking a photo is an easy job; the hard part is taking a good photo. Some tricks will be pretty useful when taking a picture. These tricks could be elementary but will improve your picture a lot, so, let’s start with today’s post.

Tricks to take the perfect picture

Home snoot

A snoot is an accessory of tubular shape that fits over the flash and allows the photographer to control the direction of light by hard highlighting the subject and obscuring the background. In spite of the simplicity, this accessory has a relatively high price in the market which makes it a bit unaffordable. Fortunately, by only using a can of Pringles, you can create your own homemade snoot. Its metallic interior bounces the light towards the outside, and with a bit of tape, you can fix your external flash without any problem. This is an excellent trick to take a perfect picture.

Tripod and stabiliser

It is straightforward; you can use a simple bag or portable bag as stabiliser and tripod of your camera. Obviously, it is not adjustable, but can be used to shoot photos from fixed surfaces such as the window of a car if you are performing safari or urban photography. The sack can be filled with rice, lentils, chickpeas or beans. The lighter the choice, the less dense the bag will need to be.

Dream Photography

Create a distorted dreamlike effect using a little petroleum jelly on the edges of your target. Its fat scatters the light and forms hazy sensations creating photographs that seem to be drawn from a dream. Although it is true that greasing the camera with petroleum jelly does not look like a good idea, it is harmless with proper care. With a mobile camera, you can distribute, with the help of a swab, a little Vaseline on the protective glass. In the case of using a reflex, never put Vaseline on the target. Place it on a protective filter or use some film paper between the lens and the Vaseline.

Bokeh with distinctive shapes

First, bokeh is an active blur that we use to highlight some motive or main character. The usual is that when doing this type of photographs, the lights placed in the background appear as circular spots. However, we can create different shapes with a little trick. With a small black card, we will make a ring the size of our target. Then we just cut out different shapes or figures on the ring lids. With this small gadget placed, we will focus our motif and take the picture. Depending on the form we have placed, the bokeh lights will look the same.

Credit: Kiki Ruiz

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