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I took off work to go see Gucci Mane at Barnes & Noble in downtown NYC. He liked my review, and I wanted to get my book signed. But, I have to buy a wristband to get in. It’s the price of the book, and I’m not buying the book.

So I emailed the publicist to see if she could come and get me out of the line, but she never replied. I did want to see him and maybe lapse into my Atlanta accent, maybe ask him to anoint my head with oil or something. I wanted some of whatever the magic is that he has. Whatever is making his skin glow and his hair grow.

Instead of going inside, I walked up and down the line just to look at the people. It spanned four blocks and there were people of every age, race, and nationality. A very blond, relaxed white woman stood patiently looking like she was getting a book signed for her kid. A young Asian guy played “Wasted” on a little boombox.

And PETA is here. Protesting the big homie.

I’m impressed.

I thought back to Patchwerk Studios in the A and this dry-a** party he gave where girls were walking around serving Krystal burgers and Blow-Pops on little silver trays. He sat slumped on a couch looking bloated and half-dead. And Momma Dee bragged, “All my h*es got the fattest pu**ies IN Atlanta.” Me and my girl Nadine left after that.

Gucci done came a long way.

People online were equal parts happy for his marriage to Keyshia Ka’Oir as they were hating about it (and people who watched it). Then there was the argument that, “Y’all chicks want what Keyshia got, but don’t wanna hold a ni**a down like Keyshia did.) She held him down…sure. But, he changed for her. Not the other way around. He chose to be a better man in order to earn her hand in marriage, people don’t talk about that part.


I found Gucci and Keyshia’s marriage (and their love affair) inspiring. It shows the promise of redemption… and for anyone who has ever had to recover from an addiction, it shows hope. That man has clear eyes and a clear mind. So much so, that the idea that he is actually a clone is a popular theory.

Aretha Franklin said it best, “If you want a do-right woman, you gotta be a do-right man.”

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