Breaking Down Art: Graffiti Options For Home Projects

Ideas to decorate a room using graffiti

In today’s article, we have prepared some decoration ideas to decorate your walls using graffiti. If you’re looking for a radical change, and making your house more colorful, this technique, inspired by hip hop and R&B might be the one you need. In the last decades, graffiti’s art has been going through a long way from its origins in the streets till now, represented in art expositions. It’s all about tastes and we are going to show you different styles. You might find something you like!

Graffiti letters

With this kind of graffiti decoration, you can decorate your bedroom by printing your name on the wall, or maybe you would rather use it in the living room and write some colorful and beautiful text on it. Even for the bathroom, graffiti letters can work for any place in your home, and you can write anything from a name, to a quote, an inspiring phrase, or anything you wish. Most importantly, whatever you write, it will give a nice vibe to the room.

Graffiti landscapes

This is such a cool style and is very used in offices and living rooms; in this one, you can make any landscape decorations with graffiti. Do you like the Eiffel Tower? Or do you prefer the Chinese wall? Or maybe Niagara Falls is more your style. It doesn’t really matter because you can put together all your decoration ideas and create something awesome; you can make your walls colorful, elegant or urban, it all depends on you!


Graffiti Icons

Another kind of decoration with graffiti, this is the children’s favorite. With this one you can draw your favorite singer, your favorite actress, your favorite cartoon, an elegant woman, your mother’s face, anything you can think about, these graffiti are usually very colorful and always catch everybody’s attention, anything with a face belongs to this category, and these graffiti always make the room look like a happy and peaceful place.

Graffiti Silhouettes

This is a bit more formal because the colors used in these graffiti decorations are usually black and white, but more black than white. They are basically made up of letters, icons, characters, signals, animals, landscapes, buildings, plants, phrases or bodies silhouettes, and could be about anything else you want to draw, but only silhouette.

Despite these aren’t very colorful designs they give a very good appearance to the room, making them look elegant and beautiful, you can find these decorations in lots of buildings, also businesswomen and businessmen use these decorations in their offices, they make look it modern but elegant and a little bit old school at the same time, so if you’re more a neutral person this is your graffiti style.

There are so many other different graffiti styles but these are the most used currently, and also these are the best styles to decorate your home. The floors and walls of your home talk about you, so if you want to change your room style or your entire house style, graffitis are a good option to do it, because they change the room appearance and make it look like a pleasant place to be.

Credit: Vane Ruiz

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