Cheryll’s vibe is sweeter than Cherries, and so is her new single Calling You

Cheryll is back with yet another “night-out anthem” in Calling You. When hearing the song, the first thing I wanted to do was stand in front of my mirror for 30 minutes with my pseudo microphone brush as I got ready for the night. This is one of those “hold up girl I’m almost ready” tracks, and makes you feel like you have a baby phat sweatsuit with some K-swiss on.

Tap in and Turn up here!

We also got a chance to chop it up with our girl Cheryll in regards to her new bop Calling You and the mark she sets to make on music. Check out the interview below!!

What was your creative process for crafting this song? Did you draw your inspiration from any one specific situation? Spill the tea lol 😉

You know what, I would love to take credit for the writing but that was Mr Ace Keyz himself. He is an incredibly talented musician who understood me and where I am trying to go musically. Calling you was the first time I had ever worked with Ace so we sat down and spoke about the type of music I wanted to create and we listened to music from my influences such as Aaliyah and brandy. Ace automatically knew the vibe I was going for and he came up with the beat for”Calling You” which Ashton Sellars (guitarist) elevated when he added the strings.

One of the first things that caught my ear with not only this song but your last single “Need You”, is the sense of early 2000’s vibe, from the subject matter to the some of the percussion in the beat itself. Who were some of the artists you had on repeat in your iPod growing up?

So I am a 90/2000’s RNB fanatic! All I ever listen to is music from artists such as Brandy, Ashanti, Jojo,3LW, Mary J, Eve, Bow Wow – The list goes on. Its the type of music that will make you have a constant shoulder bop when listening to it and make you feel good about yourself and the music!

If “Calling You” is the first time someone is hearing of your music, whats the one impression you hope it leaves on them?

That I am a confident Black female with a unique style of music whose music is an alternative style of RNB. I want my listeners to feel like my music is a breath of fresh air when they listen to me and especially if they are a female I want them to feel empowered.

As a an artist on the rise, what would you say is your favorite and least favorite thing about making music in today’s climate?

I love the process in general : the ups, the downs, the highs and the lows! I love the process of making music and writing but I love the creation of visuals and what goes in to making a project come alive. My least favourite thing is the anxiety I have about making music that is not of the norm. Its so easy to make music like everyone else but its not as easy to be bold and make unique music that people haven’t heard about. It leads to overthinking – which is never good!  

In a effort to put some positive energy out into the world, who are some artists you’d love to work with in 2019?? 

I would LOVE to work with Lioness, RayBLK, Stormzy, Ashanti, Tink – To name a few 🙂

Whats Next for Cheryll?? And let the people know where they can find you!

Be expecting new music! Im at the stage now where I want to give my fans what they want – which is more music!

My social media handle for Instagram/Twitter : @OhSoCheryll 

My Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/ohsocheryll 

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