Chris Brown Moves Out Of Condo, Neighbors Say Good Riddance!

Chris Brown has moved out of his West Hollywood condo – and his former neighbors couldn’t be happier!

Calling him the ‘Neighbor from Hell,’ condo owners claim the rapper would constantly park in handicapped spaces and blare music at all hours of the night–and he would even race dogs in the hallways of the community, according to TMZ.com.

Brown claimed that he was unfairly targeted by the building manager and his neighbors, and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, was brought into the dispute to prove that the deed to his property showed that the two handicapped parking spaces actually belonged to him but were never disclosed as being handicapped spaces when he bought the condo.

Police even showed up in July, TMZ reported, because somebody had carved the initials “C.B.” into the door of one of the elevators.

Brown hasn’t sold or sublet the condo as of yet, so it’s unclear if he’ll ever return; but if he does it’s a good bet the Welcome Wagon won’t be stopping by his place.

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