Don’t Ditch Your Sunscreen Just Yet, You Still Need Protection Throughout the Winter and Indoors!

Just because the weather is cold and the sun is setting early does not mean your skin no longer needs protection.  UV damage happens all year long! Even just being exposed traveling back and forth to work each day is enough time to age your skin.

According to recent studies, there is even reason to worry about your skin while at work—inside!  According to Vogue and New York dermatologist Dendy Engelman, the data suggests that pigment cells can be stimulated not only by the sun’s bright UV rays, but even by lower doses of ambient and infrared light, emitted by your computer screen or overhead lamps. “People used to think, ‘What’s the point of wearing sunblock in winter?’ especially in New York City, where you never see the sun, but now we know that even your office lighting, your phone screen can be harmful,” Engelman says.

Tips on sunscreen use:

  1. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen about every two hours, especially during summer months or if you are outdoors for more than a minimal amount of time.
  2. If you wear a moisturizer with sunscreen under your makeup and are concerned about reapplying during the day while out, make sure to use a face powder with sunscreen included. Most do contain it but not all, so read your labels.
  3. If you have time, let sunscreen set for about 20 or 30 minutes before going outdoors. This gives it time to form a protective layer.
  4. If you use face creams before applying sunscreen or apply make up after, if you have the time wait 20-30 minutes, because ingredients in the other products can mix and cause the sunscreen to be less effective.
  5. If you have sensitive skin use sunscreen for babies. It is just as effective, has less chemical ingredients and is much more natural.
  6. If you are on antibiotics or using exfoliating products on your skin, such as retinoids or glycolic acid, make sure you use sunscreen liberally. Exposure can cause blotchiness in your complexion that can take a long time to go away.
  7. Water does not remove UV filters, so at the end of the day, literally, make sure you wash your sunscreen off with soap, especially your face, as it can cause clogged pores. Soaps that are oil-based or creamy and milky work best.


Photo found on blackdoctor.org

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