Learning From Jude Rose Single “Lose”: Don’t “Lose” Yourself To Someone Eles!

Jude Rose

Lately I haven’t been the best mood. The cold bitter air greets my every step that I take throughout the day. So to accompany my mood during this terrible New York weather, some mellow and/or deep bass sounding music is my go to. I was pleasantly surprised to have been instantly hooked onto Jude Rose’s single “Lose”. Jude is a singer and music producer based out of Chicago. This is a simple track, with his light vocals over beautifully layered percussion and some gentle strumming from a guitar. The layers are separated and put together throughout the song in a way that gives the song different dimension throughout. This gives it a vaporized and an airy texture, making it easy to vibe to. The inspiration behind this track tells us the story of him caring for someone who struggled with depression and suicide. It starts out with a steady pulse, creating a very chill vibe. It’s definitely a song that is great to just ride along, but the light high notes carry so much sadness. You can hear the dependency that Jude has on this person. This other person’s life and problems have become his.

When he sings “Can’t keep my hands from shaking when I hold you” wanting to comfort this person that is hurting, but comforting this person is also affecting him as well. Leading into his next words “ I’m ready to lose myself in you”. I have personally seen people put themselves in a dusty dark corner of the closet to take care of other people or things. Completely neglecting themselves. These words are yet painted with piano, guitar, and an easy and steady bass pulse which gives it that typical and authentic R&B feel. As Jude’s voice gets higher, the notes get sweeter, but in the story of the song, he is pleading and struggling to help this person.

Sad music always has a vibe and chill kind if feeling. I don’t know if that should be concerning, but many sad songs can feel more relate-able and personal at times than songs talking about sex, happiness, and love. Life can set us up with some hard times. So as I eat my nice hot soup on this cold winter day, “Lose” will be in the circulation on my playlist. Something to just vibe to throughout the day, but also giving me a head up that you can lose yourself when you get involved with people.  As a reminder while listening, be careful with how much you invest into someone, because it takes a lot to recover when you have neglected yourself for someone else.

Check out “Lose” on soundcloud Now!

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