Do’s & Don’ts for Summer Fashion

Summer is H-O-T-T HOT! With the sweltering heat comes more flesh and less clothing. The combination of heat, humidity and a pair of scissors in the wrong hands can become fashion muder! To avoid fashion roadkill, regardless of age, follow the tips to keep it classy,not trashy!

                                                Who Wears Short Shorts!

                     Don’t                                                                                                    Do      


Unless you are in a bathing suit, we should not see any cheeks hanging. Short Shorts or”Jean Panties” are uncomfortable for you and the people around you. You don’t have to show too much skin. Its okay to wear shorts and other small clothing’s but at the same time have to know how much is enough.

                                           Age Appropriate 

 Don’t                                                                                  Do’s 


Dress your age! Just because you are of a certain age doesnt mean you have to dress “frumpy” or naked. If you are young with a nice shape, leave something to the imagination.Either wear the short shorts with a nice blouse or a tank top with jeans but never together.

And remember is you are unsure DO NOT WEAR IT!

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