Everything You Need To Know About Glam Squads

What is a Glam Squad?

So you’ve probably heard about this, or maybe not, don’t you worry, today we will tell you everything you need to know about what a Glam Squad is. If it is the first time you hear this term, you might be a bit confused about what it is and how it works (is not a glamorous squad, because yes, that was what most of us thought when we heard it for the first time).

You’ll see, the truth is that a celebrity really needs her or his Glam Squad, this squad is made by the group of people who take care of making us all feel jealous because of the beauty or the good fashion taste most of these celebrities have, yes, unbelievable, isn’t it? Anyways, let’s just start with today’s post. Make yourself comfortable and keep reading.

Everything you need to know about a Glam Squad

A Glam Squad is actually a really important piece of a celebrity’s career. In this squad we find the people who take care of everything related to their celebrity’s hair, makeup, wardrobe, and every single detail about the physical appearance, yes, that’s right. So, almost every artist has their own Glam Squad. They basically need it because, without them, they won’t look as good as they do.

But, most artists only need their squad for special events, like interviews, public appearances, conferences and stuff like that. These Glam Squads count with professional hairdressers, makeup artists, professional manicurists and pedicurists, and fashion professionals. Nevertheless, there are other celebrities like the Kardashians sisters who use their Glam Squad to make their daily makeup, hairstyle or both.

Getting your own Glam Squad

You already want your own Glam Squad, don’t you? Well, good news, you don’t need to be a celebrity or important person to have it, you can hire a Glam Squad‘s services without issues, there are lots of websites where you can find these services and isn’t as expensive as you think, find it out for yourself! The cool thing about these squad is that you can ask them for whatever you have in mind, for a birthday, a girls night out, and ask for any hairstyle or makeup idea, and they will make your dreams come true.

So if you already have a clear idea of what a Glam Squad is and you want to hire one of these, whether it is because you need help with your busy life, or you want to try it because it sounds interesting, or any reason that you can think about, you can do it without issues, of course you need to locate them first and make your appointment.

A big advantage of getting your own Glam Squad is that they go to your place, so you don’t have to move around between salons and stores, and do everything in the comfort of your house, isn’t it amazing? Another advantage is that when working all together, they usually take just a couple of hours to leave you ready to go out, so it’s just perfect. 

Credit: Kiki Ruiz

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