Exercise and Nutrition for Bigger, Firmer Bubble Butt

Eat Protein

The first step, at least nutrition wise, is to make sure that your daily intake of protein is elevated from your previous regimen. This is very important because to get a bigger butt there is definitely plenty of exercise involved.

Increasing protein intake will help to build muscle but also can aid in recovery time. If you are not a big meat-eater it is worth your time and money to investigate whey protein powder. Whey protein powder is relatively cheap and can be mixed with water or milk. This is a great way to supplement your protein based food choices.

Cut Carbs

Now when I say this do not panic. An extreme cut in carbs is not necessary. Be mindful of what you are eating as far as carbs are concerned. When working on muscle tone, which you will be if you want to get a bigger butt, it is vital to not have a massive carbohydrate intake. Don’t get me wrong you still need carbs and plenty of them.

Keep in mind the source. For instance an apple would be a good source and an energy bar would be a bad source. Processed foods that make claims of energy enhancement should be avoided. Energy bars do more to detract from your efforts than they do to help you prosper.

Choose the Right Exercises

Usually it is said that “spot training” is not effective and usually I agree with that statement. To be perfectly honest I think “spot training” works very well in this case. If you consider the application is to tone the gluteus muscle group than it really makes sense to attack that area.

Now if you are doing this as part of a weight loss plan than disregard what I just said.

The best exercises you can do will consist of deep knee bends, squats, step aerobics and lunges. The deep knee bend is a great beginner exercise because it is really just the squat with no weight. Great results can be achieved with this exercise alone.

It is not necessary to perform squats it is merely an option.

Step aerobics are twofold in their benefits. On one hand you get the cardiovascular aspect and on the other hand you are working your target area. Lunges are also an exercise that can be done with your bodyweight alone.

A mix of these three will give the desired results and toning will be felt after a few short weeks of daily workouts. Results will be seen soon after.

In conclusion there is an easy and effective way to reach the goal you are after and with a little hard work and determination you will be well on your way and people will be asking you how to get a bigger butt.

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