Fashion Forward Celebrities- RIHANNA

Fashion sense is not afforded to everyone.  You may see one person wearing a dress and think to yourself “roadkill”, but then the same dress may appear on another person and you think “Fabulous”.  These people are trend setters. They are the people we look too to see whats has been, what is and what will be. Rihanna is one of these people. No matter if you love or love to hate her, Rihanna has, is and will forever be apart of the fashion world.


Never has a shaved head looked so cool on a chick. The Unapologetic singer set clippers around the world a blaze as millions of starry eyes fans shaved one side of their head, a trend  started by Rihanna. Since the shaved edges the Diamonds star has changed her look multi times going from long to short,  blonde to burnette. In 2013 alone the singer sported

For her latest do, Rihanna has chosen a short and curly do, reminiscent of JoselineThe Diamonds singer sets another trail blazing trend, shaving the sides of her headBack to her old way... Rihanna added extensions to add a spark to her new lookStill keeping with the short do, Rihanna lightens up her doGrowing it out... The S&M singer lets the sides grow out in pursuit of another trend setting look Rihanna sports a sexy short black doThe Umbrella singer set social media sites on fire with her firey red hair. Good Girl... Rihanna looks like the girl next door with her long extensions and pleasant smile.


Rihannas flair for fashion is a constant on newsfeed. If she isnt making news with her music or crude comments, she is with style. The starlet has had her highs and lows when it comes to fashion.  When we first met Rihanna, she was the girl next door with an wholesome look but since then the starlet’s style  has evolved into sporting leotards with sneakers.

Take a look at the evolution of Rihanna’s fashion.

2005-Good next door2006- still a good girl2007- Getting a little more edgy2008- Good Girl gone Bad2009- Experimenting. As Rihanna grows she is obviously experimenting with her fashion2010- Glamous! The best the star has looked2011- She is growing into her own2012- The star fluctuates between glam and grounchy

Rihanna style photo were used courtesy of College Gloss

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