Frank Ocean has Kanyes support for him “Breaking The Ground”, in Hip Hop & RnB

Kanye is definitely supporting others and what they believe in. The 38 year old came out in support for Frank Ocean who “Broke The Ground” in genre by admitting back in 2012 to having a relationship with a man, despite being in a genre which is notoriously homophobic.

Kanye said: “Like people don”t have a problem with white rappers now because Eminem ended up being the greatest artist, and everyone thought that with Frank Ocean.

“I think it”s so cliché to mention him with this subject but there always are people who broke the ground and I think he is the one who broke the ground because people don”t give a f**k. People love his music so much. The people who break the stereotypes make history.”

This is coming from a man ho felt the opposite prejudices entering the design industry as a heterosexual man, as many clothes designers are gay.

Speaking to SHOWstudio, he explained: “Yeah, it”s funny. Isn”t it so funny how just the culture of different art forms are so different?

“Where it”s like I felt that I got discriminated against in fashion also for not being gay. Whereas in music you definitely get discriminated against if you are gay. And it definitely takes some amazing talents to really break down that barrier.

“I just thought it was interesting to point that out about the fashion world and the music world and how just culturally it”s reverse discrimination.”

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