Friend’s With Benefits: Part 3

Why me? Why do I always get myself into these f***ed up situations? I coulda avoided all this. All this madness. All this B*lls*t. Now I’m standing here with nothing but my shirt and panties on. The dude that I’m really feelin’ is outside of my best friend’s dude’s house who I just had a threesome with. Being the IDGAF type chick I am, I could just say F it and take my ass in the living room almost butt ass naked, sit on the couch and wait for Josh to walk in. But no! That ain’t me. I really like him. Steven and Chanel know I like him. Let’s just hope they have my back on this. I mean, I did technically do them a favor.

“Is that my boy J-boy with the bottle of Jack,” Steven said yelling out the window. “Man last night was poppin boy.”
“Nuh uh Steven,” Chanel said grabbing him by his arm and yanking him away from the window. “Keep your mouth shut about this ok? He can’t know anything.”

“The f*ck you mean keep my mouth shut,” Steven said confused about the situation. “I just got in it with my sexy ass girl and her friend and I can’t tell my boy?”

“F*ck no you can’t,” Chanel said with her hands on her hips. “Look you know Ray feelin’ him so keep it on the hush hush.”
“Please Steven,” I said giving a sad face. “Please don’t say anything.”

“Damn man, alright fine whatever,” Steven replied giving in. “But I am tellin’ him I got it in just won’t say with who.”

Before Steven could finish his last sentence I was already rushing to the bathroom. I grabbed my pants and purse and made my way to safety.

“What up my boy?” Steven said opening the door to let Josh in.

“Happy birthday boiiiiii,” Josh yelled shaking Steven’s hand.

“Thanks bro I see you got the bottle,” Steven said rubbing his hands together.

“You know I had to come through one time for my boy on his bday,” Josh said making his way to the living room. “What’s up Chanel?”

“Hey Josh,” Chanel said extending her arms for a hug.

“How are you sis?” Josh asked accepting her hug.

“Good bro and you?” Chanel asked warmly.

“I’m straight you know I had to come light it up with yo boy for his big day,” Josh said with a big smile on his face.

“Of course,” Chanel said smiling back at him.

“Y’all ready for some shots?” Josh asked making his way to the kitchen.

“Ugh no I had enough last night,” Chanel replied holding her stomach.

“Uh oh turn up was real huh,” Josh said smiling.

“Oh shit. Dear God please don’t let this fool Steven open his big ass mouth,” I thought sitting in the bathroom listening to everything.

“Man you don’t know the half of it,” Steven said rubbing his hands together.

“Umm so Josh how was your night?” Chanel interrupted.

“Man my night was straight but I’m tryin’ to hear about y’all night,” Josh said.

“It was coo nothin’ too spectacular, but did you…,” Chanel began to say before she was interrupted.

“Bro last night was amazing,” Steven began to speak. “We got it innnnnn.”

“Steven I’m sure Josh doesn’t want to hear about what you’re about to say,” Chanel said peering at Steven to keep his mouth shut.

“Yes the F**K I do,” Josh said giggling.

“Why you gotta be such a b**ch,” Chanel mumbled under her breath.

“What?” Josh asked.

“I said I have a nasty itch,” Chanel played off scratching her leg.

“So you gone tell me bro or you wanna wait til yo boo is gone?” Josh asked Steven.

“No whatever my man has to say, he can say it with me right here,” Chanel said peering at Steven again.

“Aww come on Chanel, it’s yo man’s day today,” Josh said. “Leave us men alone to have some bro time.”

“Babe why don’t you go take a shower and we can all head out to breakfast or something,” Steven suggested.

“Breakfast?” Chanel asked.

“Yeah, breakfast,” Steven replied sarcastically.

“Yeah bro I’m starving,” Josh chimmed in.

“See baby we’re hungry,” Steven said in a soft voice. “Now go in there and take yo sexy ass a nice sexy shower and put yourself on something real sexy.

“Aww ain’t you two cute,” Josh said in a goofy voice.

As Chanel headed to the bathroom she was suddenly stopped by Josh.

“Aye sis lemme use it real quick,” Josh asked.

“No!” Chanel and Steven both screamed.

“Damn I can’t pee?” Josh asked, eyes wide.

“No I just really need to shower,” Chanel responded.

“It’ll only take one second,” Josh replied.

“I smell awful bro,” Chanel said walking over to Josh with her arms up. “Look smell me.”

“Eww bro get yo girl,” Josh said putting his hand over his mouth.

“Bro you know how women are,” Steven said. “Let’s just take a couple shots.”

“Bro I really gotta pee,” Josh said. “I can’t drink sh*t till I let this lose.”

“Okay wait gimme a minute,” Chanel said walking towards the bathroom. “Let me get something real quick.

“Hurry sis,” Josh uttered.

Chanel ran to the bathroom which was inside Steven’s room. Inside, there I sat looking stupid and anxious.

“Girl what the f**k” am I supposed to do?” I asked in a panicky voice.

“Well all I know is you can’t stay in here,” Chanel said.

“Ya think?” I responded sarcastically.

“Okay think Chanel think,” Chanel said pacing across the bathroom floor.

“I can hide in the bathtub,” I suggested.

“No girl he’ll definitely see you in there,” Chanel said.

“Under the bed then?” I asked.

“Can you fit?” Chanel asked.

“B**ch I weigh less than you,” I jabbed back.

“Girl chill,” Chanel responded. “We got more things to stress over now than weight.”

“Well we need to hurry because we’re running out of time,” I said.

“Okay…umm…umm,” Chanel said. “Wait I got it.”

“Well where?” I asked.

Tune in next week to see where Chanel will hide her bff and what will happen while Josh is in the bathroom.

By: Simone Grant

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