Friends With Benefits: Part 4

“Quick. Get under the bed,” Chanel yelled grabbing my arm.

“Okay with you screaming at me he’s definitely going to hear you,” I said frowning.

“Hurry Ray, he gotta use it,” Chanel said with a worried look on her face grabbing my arm. “Get up let’s go.”

“Okay, okay,” I said. “This sh*t ain’t gonna work. Your bed is too small.”

“Girl you betta squeeze that ass underneath,” Chanel said pushing me down to the ground.

“I can’t fit Chanel,” I said worriedly. “I’ll hide in the closet.”

“Have you seen my man’s closet?” Chanel asked. “Girl if your name isn’t Jordan with a size ten in a half, you ain’t fitting in there.”

Chanel pushed me all the way down to her man’s bedroom floor. It smelled like condoms and tobacco. Yuck, I thought. This couldn’t get any worse. I squeezed my ass underneath his bed and not to my surprise, it was even worse. I know boys will be boys, but damn! His sweaty socks and boxers definitely needed a washing. It smelled like his balls and ass. Trust, I know what he smells like after last night. But I didn’t wanna reoccurrence from last night’s festivities. “Aye sis can I come in now.” I heard Josh yell through the bedroom door.

“Yeah just one sec,” Chanel said. “Girl you good?”

“Yeah,” I whispered. “Just hurry please.”

Chanel left the bedroom and not even five seconds later, Josh was rushing to the bathroom. I could hear him unzip his pants and the sound of him urinating in the toilet. I know this may sound weird. But the sound of his d*ck being out in the open made me kinda horny. Weird I know. About ten seconds later, he was zipping up his pants and flushing the toilet. He didn’t even close the bathroom door. I was so nervous he was going to hear me, but I kept quiet as a mouse. Before he could leave out the room, his phone rang.

“Hello,” Josh said in a panicky voice.

“Yo, what’s good man?” He said. “I told you I was gonna call you later.”

“Yo, we can’t…we can’t… I can’t be talkin’ bout this sh*t right now,” he said angrily.

“Yo…yo…yo listen to me,” he screamed. “Listen, ima get you yo money, just chill.”

“Look no one’s gonna find out,” he said calmly. “Steven ain’t gonna find out. We good.”

“Ima call you back once I leave here promise,” he assured. “Iight I gotta go.”

Josh hung up his cell phone and headed out the door. But before he left, he blurted out “Damn, it smell like P**sy and ass up in here.”

What the f*ck was that?! About a million things raced through my head. I had no idea what he meant and what Steven had to do with anything. All I knew was my back was killing me and it stunk like sh*t underneath this bed. I didn’t know if I should wait for Chanel to come get me and tell me the coast was clear or if I should run back to the bathroom and lock myself inside. Before I could try to wiggle my way out from under this bed, Chanel’s feet were right in front of me. She stuck her head underneath the bed.

“Okay Josh and Steven are outside talking to D-Moe so we got about two point five seconds to get you dressed and outta here,” Chanel said hurriedly.

I squeezed my way out and was standing in front of my best friend. My legs and back were killing me and I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of this man’s house. I grabbed my pants and shirt that were lying next to his bed, placed them on, and waited for my next move.

“Now J and Steven are right across the street,” Chanel said grabbing me by my arm. “Steven tricked J into thinking they were gonna go match so we need to hurry. Damn my man so smart, huh?”

“Yeah a f*cking genious C,” I responded sarcastically. “C are Steven and Josh okay?”

“What you mean okay?” Chanel asked.

“Like have they been having any problems or going through anything?” I asked.

“Naw what makes you think that?” she asked.

“Nothing never mind let’s go,” I said walking out the bedroom, into the living room and towards the door.

I walked outside and could smell the morning air, weed, and manure on the front lawn. A million thoughts were racing in my head. Why did I sleep with my best friend and her man? An image of his d*ck and her hoohaa ran through my head. What the hell or who the hell was Josh talking to on the phone? Did him and Steven have some sort of illegal sh*t going on or was Josh backstabbing my best friend’s man? I don’t know. All I knew was I was ready to go home, shower, and wash away last night’s henny and latex smell.

Home sweet home! I walked into the apartment I shared with my sister and one of her ghetto ass friends. I loved coming home to a clean house but living with these two, cleanness was the furthest thing from their minds. Clothes, magazines, ashes, bottles, and cigarettes filled the apartment. I know we are young and supposed to live free, but not like slums.

“Mia you here?” I screamed.

“Yeah girl coming,” my sister yelled back at me.

Mia was my oldest sister. Twenty seven years old and a bad ass B*tch. She was always the popular kid in high school. She was head cheerleader, homecoming queen, captain of our school’s volleyball team, and everyone wanted to be her friend. She was supposed to marry a basketball player, have a baby with a football player, and be mistress to a CEO, but that dream was deferred when she went to jail for some bullsh*t. Long story.

“Where was you at last night?” Mia said walking out her bedroom with nothing but her panties and bra on. “Out being a hoe?”

“Naw you win that race sis, all day,” I said laughing.

“Haha very funny,” Mia said grabbing a magazine from the kitchen table and plopping down on the couch. “Naw foreal tho where were you?”

“With Chanel and Steven for his birthday,” I responded. “Why?”

“Just asking,” she said. “Well you smell like some good good and ass so I just thought I’d ask.”

“That bad?” I said as I smelled underneath my arms and sat down next to my sister. “Girl let me tell you.”

“You didn’t do what I think you did,” she asked mouth wide open.

“I did,” I said with my hands in my face.

“How was it girl,” Mia asked. “Give me all the details.”

“It was…it was… okay,” I said. “Nothing special.”

“Come on sis, spill the tea,” she said.

“Well I mean he did have some good good,” I said smiling.

“Now I know why yo girl Chanel been obsessed and sticking with him through them child support cases,” Mia laughed.

“Okay well that’s not even the trippy part,” I said.

“Uh oh spill it,” Mia said throwing the magazine on the table.

“So I’m hiding under the bed…” I started.

“Wait what?” she interrupted.

“Long story but Josh ended up coming to Steven’s house so I had to hide under his bed, but what the trippy part is I think Josh and Steven are in some kind of trouble,” I explained.

“Trouble?” Mia asked. “What kinda trouble?”

“I don’t know but he was talking to someone on the phone saying Steven doesn’t know something,” I said.

“Stay out of it sis,” Mia responded. “It ain’t yo business.”

“I’m already knowin’,” I said. “Don’t worry.”

“Whatever sh*t they got going on, you need no part of,” Mia said.

“I know I know,” I said rolling my eyes. “Damn mama.”

“Get that d*ck and keep it pushin’,” Mia said laughing and giving me high five.

Before I could finish telling her about my raunchy night, my phone rang. It was Josh!

“Fuck,” I yelled.

“What?” Mia asked.

“It’s Josh,” I said.

“Answer…wait…no…wait… yeah,” Mia said nervously.

“Hello,” I said hands shaking.

“What’s up it’s Josh,” he said voice sounding all sexy.

“Hey Josh what’s up?” I asked.

“Nothing seeing if you wanted to go out with me and Steven for his birthday,” he asked. “Yo girl Chanel rollin’ too.”

“He wants me to go out with him for Steven’s birthday,” I whispered to Mia.

“Go, go,” she said.

“Where we going?” I asked placing the phone back to my ear.

“Out baby to have a few drinks and sh*t,” he said.

“Uhhhh sure,” I said unenthusiastically.

“Fasho I’ll be there at nine,” he said.

We both hung up the phone and all I could do was smile. I didn’t care about what I heard earlier. All I knew was I was about to go out with the dude who made me have wet dreams.

Tune in next week to read all about Josh and Raven’s first date.

By: Simone Grant

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