Get You Some Brown Sugar

With the varieties of streaming services, downloadable apps, and websites to choose from, it sometimes can be difficult to decide when and where to invest your dollars. Streaming services have become very popular over the last few years, and at times has proved to be the preferred method of viewing some of the best shows and movies past and present. Streaming service providers offer you the flexibility of accessing content on multiple devices at any given moment. Even traditional cable providers advertise their streaming features to compete in the growing market. Now, with streaming services and features on the rise there might be some uncertainty on picking the best one. Dependent on a multitude of factors such as: cost, content, and user friendly functionality, streaming services need to stay extremely relevant to be in the competition. Nevertheless, Roku has found a way to provide entertaining films and television shows at a very reasonable price with their new streaming addition–Brown Sugar. Keep in mind one of the most exciting and unique aspects of this streaming service is that it is catered to the African-American community. Offering the biggest and best collection of iconic African-American films and original programming, Brown Sugar is a must have. I cannot count the times I have searched and searched for classic African-American movies and films I grew up on to no avail. Not only can you watch / stream from devices such as: Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Kindle, Apple and Android smartphones and devices, you are able to do so at the reasonable price of $3.99. No that was not a typo. You read correctly, $3.99 a month. Of course you can also try Brown Sugar out for free with their seven-day trial, but you cannot beat such a great price point. Did I also mention the films are unedited and commercial free. That would be the equivalent to viewing these films in the theater, but with the convenience of your everyday smart devices as well as online at brownsugar.com. If I have not sold yet, just picture yourself watching popular shows like Saint & Sinners or nostalgic films like Dolemite. Bounce network the genius behind Brown Sugar deserves a round of applause for creating such a phenomenal product for the culture.

So, what are you waiting for ? Subscribe and enjoy now! Oh and tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend. You can thank me later.


By: Nyah Said It

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