Groupies, Gold Diggers and Gold Go Getters!

They frequent the hottest parties, hang with the hottest celebrities and boy do they know how to work themselves into VIP. We’re no stranger to a groupie or a gold digger but do we REALLY know the difference between the two? Believe it or not, groupies and gold diggers have two very different goals. While doing some research with an old friend named Lolita Ariza, whose son plays in the NBA, we had started some writings about groupies and gold diggers based on what she had experienced and seen being a mother of a NBA player. As we discussed the difference between a groupie and a gold digger I added an additional player to the cards, I call her the Gold Go Getter.


Let’s first, start with the groupie. Groupie’s usually travel in packs; maybe 2 or 3 at a time. They are almost always very attractive as well as promiscuous. A groupie is that girl you see in the club who has had way too much to drink. She more than likely appears to look loose and sometimes incoherent; depending on how much she’s had to drink. Groupies don’t actually have a plan when they meet celebrities and rich men. These particular women just want to be around celebrities, get some free drinks, a few free dinners and potentionally a night of unforgettable sex. After having their encounter with the celebrity, a groupie usually proceeds on with her normal life. It’s the thrill that really entices the groupie and the fact that she can actually tell people about all the famous men she’s been able to have sex with. When you look at it this way its evident how naïve groupies actually are. Majority of them lack true self esteem. They meet celebrity men and either have sex with them the night they meet or if the successful man is visiting on business and has to leave town, the groupie is the girl who he flies out for the weekend. Once the groupie is back in her hometown she most likely will never hear from the celebrity again. It’s all about the thrill for the groupie.




The gold digger plays a much different game. She usually has a plan on how she will go about getting what she wants. More than likely she’s no stranger to how everything works because she has most likely already had a plethora of rich men pay her bills in the past. She is thinking about her future and usually has an ulterior motive. Men must beware that gold diggers are usually great actors. She will tell you exactly what you want to hear and she has a mean stroke when it comes to an ego. This type of woman is looking for a man who can take care of her; she would be completely fine with living the rest of her life financially comfortable without ever having to work again. She wants to be wined, dined and spoiled with gifts and all the latest designer wear. She’s least likely to travel in packs or even frequent the hottest clubs. She usually befriends people in high places and has opportunities to meet rich men through mutual friends. Some gold diggers even work as strippers or even high paid escorts. These women love the finer things in life and look for various ways to accumulate large amounts of income. The gold digger is not interested in nickel and dime situations.



Now let’s discuss what a gold go getter is. Most gold go getters are usually beautiful women who start out modeling or are usually in some type of entertainment career. They not only are interested in a man’s money they are interested in building their own empire as well. Most Gold Go Getters don’t want to have a baby by a rich man; they are not looking to be tied down. These types of women are looking for a lucrative opportunity to use the man with money; and if having sex with him gets the money she has no problem with that. When the gold go getter meets men in high places she usually keeps their relationship very discreet. You will often hear her refer to the men that she deals with as being her business partner or even manager. She has a goal and that is for him to invest in getting her life or career to the next level. Most gold go getters are very ambitious, smart and business savvy. This particular woman is trying to get a particular “well off” gentleman to invest in her. In return she will pay attention to him, stroke his ego and be at his sexual and physical disposure.


This goes to show how much women can really use sex as a power tool. A woman offering sex can make a man do all sorts of things he probably never thought he’d do. If women could only understand their power and use it in more of a beneficial way, I believe they would be able to get even further. I truly believe that it doesn’t always take sexual favors to get what you want from a man. Sometimes the promise of sex is just as enticing as the act itself. Seduction ends when sex comes into play. Seduction is about what a person can’t have; it’s a tantalizing mix of hope and despair.


I am by no means judging the groupie, the gold digger or the gold go getter; I am simply clarifying the great difference between the 3 that most are probably not aware of. Women are not the only ones responsible for these titles. Men have a lot to do with why women do what they do. Men often use money, success and status to get a woman’s attention, yet they will turn right around and label her when she gives into what he’s requested of her. Pretty twisted right? So when it comes down to it, are groupies, gold diggers and gold getters just misguided women who are chasing a thrill or money dream? Or are they a simple creation of what men have enticed them to fall prey to? If you think about it it’s quite contradictory. A man’s actions will say that they are in search of that type of woman, one who doesn’t withhold sex and is down for whatever, yet he will judge her for being exactly who he wants her to be. Now you tell me who has the REAL problem, is it Venus or mars?

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