Have You Seen Escorts? Short Series


This short series, Escorts, is a great depiction of capitalism at its best in our society.

The main character Jay Miller turns a small concept into a, potentially, multi-million dollar enterprise.

Jake, a recovering/current addict, tries to help connect young, not so popular University of Southern California male students, with very attractive University of Southern California female students in what he calls a “high-end dating service” and as Jay says “I am simply a connector”.

As money starts to roll into his start-up concept, there is an unfortunate mishap resulting in the death of one college student escorts. This turns everything upside down and the saga begins. 

The incident leads Jake to meet the three other main characters of the series, Ricky T, Jazmine, and En Wilson.

Together the 4 “entrepreneurs” begin to translate a small-time college dating service into an organized multi-million dollar enterprise that delivers in every possible way. The most interesting and, quite honestly, the best part of Escorts, is the realistic nature of the storyline. Given today’s social media popularity, and a society that has accepted and jumped into the online dating services scene, this is not only a series based on fantasy, but it plays out in reality. 

The last episode of series 7 left me wanting to see more. Does the new corporation take off into a major business? Do greed and jealousy overcome the partnership that has become so successful? There are so many different possible outcomes, and that is what left me wanting more of Escorts. In my opinion, this is an excellent and very quick watch, that will keep you highly engaged and anxiously waiting for more. 

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