How a Savage was born…

From day one I knew I was different, growing up a chick never felt average. People don’t understand that the thing’s you go through in life ,stick with you and shape you as a person. Let’s just say from birth shit aint never been easy for me, but I wear my struggles well.

A chick learned at a young age to never depend on a dude, or no one else for that matter. So here I am 36 with absolutely no desire to be saved. I’ve been told that my personality is cool as fuck, but what makes me cool is the fact I don’t need a man to be happy. I came to terms with shit, if love comes around cool. But if not, I’m good with just having me a cool fuck buddy with a clean STD screening and some bomb as doggy. In the meantime I’m focused on things I have control over. One thing that kills me about people today, everybody is expected to think the same. Just about all chicks wanna be saved and dudes is looking for any bitch he can use to his advantage.

I meet dudes and I find myself having to play the air head roll just so a dude will take me out. When all along, I hate going on stupid dates that end up with me losing interest. When all I really wanna do is get some dick, some soul food and call it a night. But you can’t tell dudes that, so I play along and laugh at all his stupid fucking jokes and listen to him brag about shit I care nothing about. It seems the more vulnerable you are, the more dudes love it. It pretty much shows that dudes try to learn you, what he can get away with in the future, and if you’ll stick around or not. I know for a fact I’m single because for one I refuse to settle for bull shit and I see right through these fake love type mothafuckers. I noticed through  experience that if I focus on my career path and school, while putting these men on hold. They stay on a chick bumper,. The moral of the story is, men like you more when you treat them like shit. So my thing now is to tell dudes they can’t get no pussy unless they get tested, take me out for soul food, and have a place for use to fuck. Cause I don’t bring men around my kids plus I’m being direct in letting them know what’s up and what I want. 9 times out of 10 it’s been working in my favor. Instead of crying over these men boss and do you. For now my focus is on raising my daughters. When it’s meant to be mister right will find me, until then I’m going to keep fucking one dude at a time while dating others, stack my money, plan my future and enjoy life as the savage man eater I am.



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