Ingredients For The Perfect Glam Squad

Ingredients that every Glam Squad ought to have

Hi again, just because we know you love it, we are here with more about the Glam Squads. You’ll see,  there are some important facts or ingredients which make a Glam Squad work as well as it does. These people need to be very professional in their work space and of course, there are some features that every single person who belongs to the Squad needs to keep in mind. We are going to dedicate today’s post to talk about these ingredients that a Glam Squad needs to be successful.

Top 5 Ingredients that every Glam Squad should have to reach success

There are factors that shouldn’t be been missed in the Glam Squads, that’s of course if you want to reach success. You need to have some abilities, some materials, and some ingredients, which will make your Squad improve, and of course, will help you to improve your job skills, now, keep reading to know which materials, ingredients or abilities we are talking about.

  1. Make sure to have everything you need to satisfy the client’s wishes: This is a very important one. As we know, a Glam Squad counts with professional manicurists, pedicurists, makeup artists, hair stylists, and wardrobe stylists. Every single one of the previously mentioned people need to have all the materials for their job, and must be ready to satisfy the client’s wishes without inconveniences. What does that mean? That they must make sure to always have all their materials, even those that they never use, you’ll never know what the client is going to ask for. Also, do their best job with every client.
  2. Keep it professional: This means to always be respectful and professional, that’s the base of every job or relationship, don’t be a groove person and try not to make excuses to clients, act calmly, patienly and show dedication. Remember, the client is always right. This also includes your relationship with your squad, it has to be a respectful and professional relationship.
  3. Be nice: Being respectful doesn’t mean being hateful, so you should be nice to your clients and treat them with kindness, because  they are paying for your services, but amiability shouldn’t be something to pay for, so, try to make small talk and be polite, that will be something to guarantee that the client is going to hire the Glam Squad‘s services again. Kill them with kindness!
  4. Always have upcoming projects: I would say, this is the most important ingredient to reach the success in this market, you should always think about the future and about projects, this will make you grow in your area and as a professional, so remember, always have ambitions and never be conformist, but careful, do not become greedy either.
  5. Respect work schedules: This is one of the main characteristics of a Glam Squad: time. ALWAYS keep in mind that the client has things to do and you need to finish your work in a specific span of time. Remember, you also will have other places to go and you can’t spend all day with one client, so respect your schedule and finish soon while delivering your best.

Credit: Kiki Ruiz

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