Interwoven takes on heavy themes, but presents them in small capacities, before weaving them together.

This film is very intelligently crafted for the enjoyment of the audience. Topics of drug addiction and homelessness are extremely heavy. And presenting them in the form of a full, near two-hour narrative can be hard to watch in one sitting. But, by breaking these into thirteen different stories, these problems are explored with a quick rhythm in a way that keeps the viewer engaged.

At the same time, it makes little compromise on the piece’s function as a vehicle for the director’s message about the intersections of these problems in society.

The fact that Mo’Nique is an actor in this film is extremely exciting. This piece fits perfectly into the pattern that her work has of exploring problems faced by those less privileged. Also, exploring what steps should be taken to end these problems.

Precious and her standup comedy special I Coulda Been Your Cellmate are very different from Interwoven. But they all have an overarching goal to build empathy.

This is a film that fits perfectly into a sometimes heartbreaking, often beautiful body of work.

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