Is He Just In It For Sex?

Ladies, I know you all wonder if your man is just in it for your goods. I know! I’ve been through it too. It’s a hassle to wonder if your man, or supposed “man,” is using you for sex or does he really want to be with you. How can you really know if he is really feelin’ you or does he just want you to satisfy his needs. Here are a few essential tips to tell if he is in it for you, or for what you could give him.

1.) Short Visits: If your man comes to visit you and you have sex with him and he only stays for a short period of time, he only came for that one thing only. It is not that hard to see that he only wants you for your goods. A man who had interest in being with you would not leave after he got what he wanted.

2.) Lost of Interest: If he does not show interest about anything in your life, then he does not care. If his only interest is what you could do for him, he is not the one for you. No man who genuinely cares for you will completely disregard your personal life.

3.) Selfish: Selfishness is one of the signs that his intentions are not good. When I say selfish, I do not mean that he does not want to share his food with you; I mean he does not care about pleasing you in the bedroom. As a woman, I know that we love hard and are willing to do almost anything to keep our man happy. If he is not willing to do the same for you, there is a problem. If he is content with only satisfying himself and not returning the favor, he does not care about your happiness.

Most importantly ladies, if you have to doubt whether or not your man is using you, than 9 times out of 10, he is. No woman who is happy in her relationship and secure should doubt.

If you find yourself in this situation, get out quickly. Do not prolong this relationship because in the end, you are only hurting yourself.

By: Simone Grant

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