Is Your Man Satisfied?

Men. They are the least complicated mammals and are really simple to satisfy. So I have to ask- is your man satisfied? If you have to think too long chances are they aren’t. If you said he is, how do you know? If you mind just went blank or you can’t say for sure how you know he is satisfied here are four signs that will let you know you have satisfied your man.

Come Home

Your man is coming home. Everynight! And not at 5 a.m. If your man has to be out that late, and he isn’t working, he is looking for someone else to satisfy his need.

Don’t ask, Don’t Tell

A satisfied man consistently wants to make sure his love knows he’s happy so without warning or telling him he brings you your favorite flowers, candy, or jewelry any day of the week just to say “I love you”.

Let’s Talk About Sex

If you are laying in the bed watching television with your man and out of no where he brushes he hair away from the nook of your neck and plants a kiss there, you know you have satisfied your man.

Only Have Eyes For You

Summer is here and apparently clothes have taken a vacation. Young girls and women alike have put away the sweaters and opted for scantly clad outfits that will give an old man a heart attack. While other men are breaking their necks to check out the wrong thing your satisfied man only has eyes for you and that’s where they remain.

If your man is not doing at least one of these, you need to go back and re-examine your relationship.

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