Kenya Eugene’s Heart Music

Seeking to find deep love within her audience through her passion for music, Rnb artist, Kenya Eugene is learning to let her art speak for itself. At the young as of four Kenya began her journey with music in St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, which has prospered her into an internationally treasured artist.

Progressing into the elegant artist she is today, Kenya has overcome some large obstacles in her career. Conquering her nerves has become a vital hardship within her musical career. While her talents have far surpassed average in the perspective of music, her nerves are still present in her current work. Kenya states, “at the beginning of every performance I become nervous until somewhere around my second note”. This is she falls into a trance though the music she creates. “One of my biggest obstacles to overcome was being able to open for India Arie. The opportunity was incredible and such an exciting experience for me”, states Kenya.

Being musically talented is only on aspect of Kenya’s music that makes her renowned, she also writes all of her own music. “I have always written my own music, and I feel there can always be room for improvement”, she says. While things may seem to come naturally for her, it wasn’t always that way in regards to her writing. “when I was in elementary school, I thought that I sucked, but my sister and manager pushed me to practice”, states Kenya. Proving that practice makes perfect, Kenya has worked tenuously on creating her musical image; Heart Music. According to Kenya, “heart music is the direct connection between the music I create and my affection for my family and loved ones”. Kenya illustrates her Heart Music through her lyrics. “My favorite song of my song’s is You Are My World because it describes falling in love”, states Kenya. This creates symmetry through her lifestyle, lyrics, and heart music by placing love and passion into her work as Kenya creates her interpretation of Heart Music. In order for Kenya to conduct the music she desires, she must first reach out to her native people. Being musically accepted by her homeland is the first step to connecting her Heart Music to the world. “This is difficult because they gravitate more towards Reggae, Soca/Calypso, and even Hip Hop artists, before accepting a Virgin Islander as an Rnb artist “, states Kenya. There are more opportunities for Reggae, Soca/Calypso, and Hip Hop artists to perform at different concerts and events that are more fitting for their genres in the Virgin Islands. Creating appreciation for her music within her native land is crucial for Kenya. “I can’t help the world if I can’t even help my people”, she says.

Helping the world one step at a time is a big influence on Kenya’s Heart Music. One of her upcoming projects is the second annual “Sound of Love” Benefit Concert, scheduled to take place on March 19, 2016, put on by Kenya and the Heart Music team. 100% of the proceeds to benefit Kidscope, Inc., a non-profit organization created to serve child victims of abuse, neglect, and sexual molestation. Placing love into the world one piece at a time is vital to the theory of Kenya’s Heart Music; helping to infuse warmth and passion into the world through her natural talent.

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