Light’s Matter-Studio And Natural Lights That Is!

There are no boundaries nor restrictions regarding the use of studio and natural lighting.  Of course, depending on the concept, that will suggest the proper way to enhance a photo without actually enhancing it using editing tools such as light room, photo shop etc.  But when it comes to celebrity photographer Derek Blanks, the use of lights is something he clearly has a gift in.  There are plenty of ways to use studio lights which will create a rather crisp as well as clean photo.  The studio lighting is controlled and you have the option to use 1 or multiple lights at a time.  While the use of the sun for natural lighting you are not as powerful, but you also have the opportunity to add or remove shadows by using reflectors.



For More about Derek Blanks visit http://www.dblanks.com/


As an aspiring photographer myself, I have played around with lighting and while I love the natural light, I must say I have a new found respect for the studio.

I have a few awesome photographers to thank for that, including Darryl Cobb Jr., who does most of his work in the heart of Philadelphia, PA.


I used photos of my own to visually compare indoor to outdoor lighting, (adding black and white to the studio photo for contrast purposes) you can see the effect a studio light has on the subject compared to natural lighting (the sun).  I assured that the light was coming from the same direction of each child’s face for shadow purposes.

Models used were Angel and Athena





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