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Makeup products and items that makeup artists need

In today’s post, we’ve got a topic that we know you ladies will enjoy a lot, yes, we’re talking about makeup. So, the professional makeup equipment is the work base of any makeup artist. This equipment is the sum of all the necessary tools to perform a good makeup service. We can tell that the professional makeup equipment is composed of all those tools used in the process, that is, the transportation of the materials, the preparation of the skin and the use of each of the products. If you are a professional makeup artist and you are putting together your professional briefcase as complete as possible, we recommend the products that can never be missing from your list, to convert your bag or briefcase into a complete kit for your job to be better than ever.

Items to make your makeup kit complete

  • Foundation: This is the main and one of the most important products because this is usually the one we apply first. Always try to have one liquid and another compact. Depending on the type of skin and how natural you want the look to be, sometimes it’s better to use one or the other, but other times is necessary mixing them. Of course, make sure that the colors you use are as close to the natural skin tone.


  • Concealer: This one helps a lot on those days when you haven’t had enough sleep. It’s good to always have a concealer to cover small imperfections, but above all, to hide bags and dark circles under the eyes. With a good concealer, you will be able to change the appearance of your look in seconds, hiring all the signs of fatigue or tiredness. This one can’t be missing in your makeup kit, make sure to get one!


  • Eyeshadow: It is always good to have shades in neutral colors for day-to-day and some dark tones to make perfect smokey eyes for your party nights. If you are one of those people who does not like to put shadowson, use a neutral base to give light to your eyelid. If you like to emphasize your look, try using intense gray and brown colors. 


  • Eyeliner and mascara: These are one of the star complements of makeup, in addition to being one of the most used products today. If you want to change your look, simply use the eyeliner to make a cat eye above your eyelashes. There are many eyeliner presentations and brands: gel, labeled, pencil, on the other hand, the eyelash mascara is perfect to enlarge and intensify your eyelashes and together with the eyeliner, make a perfect couple.


  • Brushes and sponges: And last but not least, we’ve got brushes and sponges. These are the must-have tools of a professional makeup artist. In professional makeup different types of brushes are used, which differ from one another according to the material, hair length, numbering and shape of each one. The sponges, on the other hand, are used to apply and diffuse makeup and concealers. They have different shapes: square, triangular, rectangular or round. There are also sponges that combine shapes to access all the recesses of the face, known as anatomical sponges.

Credit: Kiki Ruiz

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