Mom, My Girlfriend Isn’t…Black

Interracial dating hasn’t always been “in.” In fact, dating outside of one’s race was once a taboo. We all know the history behind such said “restrictions” but now, many years later, seeing a black man dating a white woman-or vice versa-is all but unorthodox. While many of us don’t think twice when we see an interracial couple, there are some who haven’t accepted the idea of two different races being involved with one another-which is commonly known as “swirling.”

I recently read an article where the author, who has definitely not accepted interracial dating, says there is a push to break up the “Black Family.” The author says “When I look at those images with a critical eye, I be thinking that these famous Negropean men are flaunting their self-hate by telling these sistas that “they ain’t shit“, “they ain’t good enough” or “we don’t want them anymore.” The “images” the author is speaking of is black male celebrities who, in the author’s words, appear on the red carpets with their Caucasian “trophy cases.”

The notion of the “angry black woman” has often come into question when discussing interracial dating. There has been numerous accounts of black men who refuse to date black women. Why? Because black women are rude; Black women are loud; Black women have nasty attitudes. These are all opinionated statements by the way. None of this is factually proven. Being loud and opinionated isn’t just a “black woman thing.” Every race has women who are outspoken. So where did this stereotype come from? Movies? A person’s encounter with a particular individual whom exudes these qualities? But who says being opinionated and having a slight attitude was a bad thing!?

I recently filmed a short film titled Images Of The Colored Eye about an interracial couple battling the unacceptance of their relationship.

Take a look below. I hope you enjoy.

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By: Simone Grant

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