New York Times BestSelling Author Alessandra Torre Keeping It Steamy In The Bedroom…With Books!

Sex is a subject that could make you feel uncomfortable, aroused, happy-all in one. The fact is, sex is such a small word with such BIG impact. How you feel when you hear or experience sex affects your mood daily. So what happens when you read a poem or book about intercourse? How do you feel once you read a couple of those raunchy pages?
One way we express our wildest, craziest, naughtiest fantasies is through reading and writing. One person who definitely knows how to bring out that inner bad girl is New York Times bestselling author Alessandra Torre who produces some of the most seducing, sexiest novels from her home in Florida near the waters of Emerald Coast.
Alessandra started off self-publishing before signing any book deals with publishing houses. Her journey is inspiring, sweet, and as smooth as her writing. Not only is Torre an amazing writer, but is also very open to help other inspiring writers trying to pave their way in the writing world giving very informative tips and help on self-publishing, publishing, and much, much more.
Rnb Magazine was able to chit chat with the author for some background on her passion for writing, keeping it sexy, upcoming projects, and words of encouragement for upcoming writers.

1.) When did your love for writing begin?
– I’ve always loved to read but I didn’t write creatively until I sat down to write my first book. Honestly, before that point, I didn’t think that I would have any skill in creative writing. It took my first book being successful for me to believe in my words.

2.) Why erotica? What is it about erotic writing that intrigues you the most?
– Arousal is another way in which you can affect the reader. Sex, if used properly, can really build and flesh out the story. Think of ‘break-up sex’ and how emotionally-fueled and heart-breaking that can be. There are times when erotic writing can really cause me to push further into a reader’s mind then I would have gotten to in a normal book. But I don’t know if I’ll always write erotica. I have other ideas bouncing around in my head that I’d like to explore.

3.) You’re first book “Blindfolded Innocence” hit the charts on Kindle and Amazon. If I am not mistaken you self-published this book. Tell me how does it feel to have a self-published book acquire acknowledgment like that?
-It was incredible. Your expectations, as a writer, are all over the place. So.. before I ever hit ‘publish’, I had unrealistic expectations. Then Blindfolded Innocence went live and I realized exactly how many other books were out there and how difficult it was for a book to stand out. Then I was at a point where I celebrated the five or ten sales a day I was getting. It took almost three months for Blindfolded Innocence to take off and I am really grateful for that time because it taught me to appreciate small sales and first readers, and not to have wildly unrealistic expectations.

3.) What is your most favorite book you’ve written? Any that you truly enjoyed writing? And why?
– I truly enjoyed writing my most recent novel, Hollywood Dirt. It is lighter than my other books, and it came at a point in my life when I really needed something light and funny and sweet. It also is set in a small town, and I really enjoyed telling the story of country life and the interactions there. My favorite book that I have written is probably The Girl in 6E. It is such a unique, kickass book, and I love the heroine so much. Blindfolded Innocence was my first book and is probably the closest to my heart, because its love story is based on my husband and my courtship/meeting.

4.) Who are some of your inspirations? Favorite writers?
– I love Christina Lauren, CD Reiss, and Tiffany Reisz. Stephen King will always be my inspiration, his book On Writing is what first caused me to pick up a pen and begin to write.

5.) You currently write for Cosmopolitan’s “Bedroom Blog.” Can you tell me a little about that and how did this opportunity present itself?
– The Bedroom Blog is an ongoing story that unfolds three times a week on Cosmopolitan.com. You don’t need a subscription to the magazine to read the serial, and it is a really fun read. You can catch up, from the beginning, by visiting www.ChloesBedroomBlog.com. Cosmo had run a contest to pick a writer for the Bedroom Blog and hadn’t found a writer or concept that really fit for them. I was having lunch with a Cosmo editor, she suggested I send in a storyline idea and first few chapters, and I did. That is sort of how it came about.

7.) Would you ever want to turn your novels into movies or a short series?
-It’s happening now. The Girl in 6E is being produced by Vertigo Entertainment with EuropaCorp Inc as the studio. It is my biggest dream coming true!

8.) What’s your secret to “keeping it sexy” in your writing?
-I only write scenes that personal appeal, or turn me on. I’ve never written BDSM, because that doesn’t personally do anything for me. I’ve never followed trends like stepbrother or male/male. I never write sex scenes if I’m not in the mood–I’m more likely to put a placeholder in a spot and come back to it later. And I try not to write sex scenes unless they have a purpose. I’d rather a book have two or three really hot scenes then six or seven skim-worthy fillers.

9.) What projects are you currently working on now?
-I just finished the final edits on Hollywood Dirt, which releases September 7th. I am now going to take a month of and look over my different ideas, give my brain a chance to recoup and clear before I dive into a new world.

10.) Any advice to upcoming writers trying to publish their own work?
-Look at your motivations for writing. Make sure that you are doing it because you love it. Because you have a story in your mind that you want to get out. Don’t write because you need extra income, or because you want to be famous. If your motivations are in the wrong place, publishing can be a very long and painful road. It is EXTREMELY difficult to get new work recognized, to get new work seen by readers. There are over three million books on Kindle right now. You hit publish and your book just disappears into the sea of books. Writing is just one piece of the puzzle. There is also social media and promotion and blog writing and networking. If writing is your passion, then GREAT. Write your ass off, invest in a quality cover and editor, and self-publish your work. Then celebrate your success and move on to the next book. Don’t watch your sales and reviews and put all of your happiness in that. Put your happiness in your final product. The more you publish, the more likely that readers will discover you. You don’t want your first book to be your biggest. You want your tenth, because then those readers will have your other books to turn to and read. If you need any guidance, please check out http://alessandratorre.com/interested-in-writing/ for help. You may also want to check out my YouTube series called #HowIWrite: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5cA-D4bgc2-45hwowSp4xTSTwLMOyDkT

11.) Is there anything you would like to add?
-No, thank you so much for these great questions!

Take it from me, personally, not only is Alessandra an amazing writer with an eye, ear, and hand (no pun intended) for interpreting sex through writing, but a good spirit always willing to help others. Make sure to purchase her book, Hollywood Dirt, available September 7th and follow her on social media.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReadAlessandra
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlessandraTorre0
Instagram: https://instagram.com/alessandratorre4/
Website: http://alessandratorre.com/
By: Simone Grant

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