“Nothing Even Matters” Lauren Hill with D’Angelo

When I think about love I have to think back to a time when people actually felt a strong connection for each other. Not like today when we see so much sex displayed it’s hard to see the feeling behind the songs. Yes, the times have changed but what happened to the meaning of love being embraced? Have we strayed so far away in RnB that true and pure love is no longer “popular?” Reflecting on the past I invite you back to Fall of ‘98 when one of RnB’s top performers showed us the meaning of love.

I’m speaking about the one and only Lauryn Hill who collaborated with D’Angelo, bringing us the song “Nothing Even Matters” from the famous album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. This song reminds me of man and woman being in love and openly admitting it. The collaboration was a perfect match because both artists embody such soul and charisma. When I hear the song I instantly think about the first time I experienced love. That feeling comes back to me like it’s been here all along. I close my eyes and remember the kiss that made me feel special, the touch that gave me chills, and the connection that made me feel warm inside.

What I love most about the song is the lyrics. Of course the rhythm and vocals speak for themselves but the lyrics make a strong and bold statement,  a statement that love can make everything else seem irrelevant.


~Written by: Kim

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