Photo composition: Backgrounds

Background elements which compose a great picture

Hi, guys, we’ve got something for you, and we’re sure that will be useful and will improve your photographer’s skill. One of the basic tips when composing a good photo is to monitor the background. An inadequate background can ruin what otherwise could have been a great photo, and in most cases, taking a little care when taking the picture, we could avoid losing that great moment. In the following article, we give you a series of tips with which you can improve your photos, just by watching your background.

Do you dare to discover them? When we take a photo, we are picking up a scene with high-to-wide proportions; that is, we are deciding a frame. In these dimensions, we show everything that fits, whether desired or not. That is why it is so important to make sure that everything that appears in your photo shows because you want, not because “it has stuck there.”

Elements and color composition to use in the background

The background of a photograph is composed of all the items that are not part of the foreground, are within the frame of your photos. The background is not only a wall or a landscape, but everything that interacts with these: the sun, the shadows, people, objects, etc. They help you to reinforce the feeling of the place, that is, the message and the feelings your photographs transmit.

Even if the background is this unfocused, it does not exempt you from paying due attention to it. Objects may not be distinguishable, bokeh or blur is very high, but in any case, colors, reflections or lines that have been visible, can enhance or ruin your photographs. Not to mention if the background is bright, where the need to work with it becomes even more necessary.

Choosing the proper background

The key to choosing a background is: being clear about what you want to emphasize. This means, what will be the motive of your photograph. Surround it with all the elements that help you to strengthen it: to place it in the frame and to compose the photography around this. An appropriate background for the end of the photo is necessary.

Keep in mind that, in most cases, less is more, so it is preferable to use more sober and softer tones to those where chaos and disorder take over the situation. In the search to empower your protagonists, try not to get the opposite effect, or you will distract the attention of the viewer.

Your background talks for you. It says what kind of photographer you are and how good is your picture. So, that’s why you should pay more attention to the background. It is true that no one likes an image with a messy background. On the other hand, we all love when the subject and the background are similar because it looks just amazing. We hope with these tips you can get, from now on, nail every photograph you take.

Credit: Kiki Ruiz

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