R.I.P Natalie Cole…Legendary Singer Has Died At 65

It breaks my heart to say that the legendary Natalie Cole has passed away at 65 years old. The daughter of jazz, pianist Nat King Cole has died due to congestive heart failure according to tmz. Congestive heart failure is a condition where the heart’s “pumping power is weaker than normal,” as stated by Webmd. Blood moves through the body and heart at a slower rate which causes pressure in the heart to increase.

Cole passed away last night at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles last night, New Year’s Eve.

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Cole, who had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C and has suffered from liver disease, cancelled many shows prior to her death.

The singer has had a fruitful career as a singer/songwriter having been nominated for 21 Grammy awards, winning nine.

Natalie will forever live in our hearts and her music will forever sooth our soul.

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