RnB Talks With ‘Urban Poptress’ Alexis Ayaana

Atlanta bred urban songstress Alexis Ayaana is a triple threat. Having already been the winner of two Atlanta Underground Music Awards, the rising musical talent is definitely making a name for herself in these RnB streets. Alexis is prepping for a versatile career in fashion and music. In the midst of working on new music, the singer was able to let us enter her world to share with RnB readers.

-How would you describe your musical and overall style? How does your style differ from other female RnB artists?

I describe my music style as urban pop. It is the connection of R & B with Pop. My style reflects how I transpire my energy in life; I’m not afraid to try new things. I listen to different genres of music, and I want my music to reflect this diversity.

-Who are some of your influences? Who did you grow up listening to that encouraged you to pursue music?

I am influenced by the artistry in our falling songbird, Aaliyah, and of course Rihanna. Growing up, I was exposed to different type of music including R & B, Caribbean, Soca, Latin, and Pop. I want to be able to touch all of those musical genres. Some songs that I could visualize myself creating or eager to recreate with my own style and flavor.

-At what moment did you say “music is something that I’m made for?”

It wasn’t a specific moment. I started singing when I was around 8 years old, while learning that I was writing melodies even at that time. I was always in performing arts activities since elementary school, so entertaining people has grown to be a part of my overall background.

-You’re currently in college studying Fashion Merchandising. How do you manage school and your musical career?

It can be complex to balance my career schedule and maintaining my school schedule and responsibilities. Especially when I am traveling and promoting projects on the road. I went to Clark Atlanta University, but I decided to switch to pursuing my degree online to ensure that my grades do not become in jeopardy while still following my musical dreams.

-Do you plan on creating your own clothing line or pursuing modeling further? What would your line be called? What would you sell? What type of modeling would you like to do?

Yes, I would like to pursue a modeling career while also embracing a clothing line later in my career. I want to channel my artistry in music first as an introduction to the world, as well as, enabling it to open other doors for me including acting. In modeling, I want to build my portfolio around luxury brands and commercialized concept shoots. As far as the clothing line, I haven’t thought about any concepts or direction right now in my career. Before any clothing line, I would love to drop an eyewear line and maybe name it “Ayaana,” which is my middle name.

-When you found out you were the Winner of Atlanta’s Underground Music Awards’ for “Best Female Vocalist” & ATL Producers Award “Best Collaboration” what emotions were you feeling?

I was feeling like my hardwork, even in the smallest form, was being recognized and rewarded. And it channeled more inspiration into my musical career. It motivated me more than ever to keep progressing artistically, lyrically, and to keep training as much as possible.

-How was it opening up for artists such as T.I and Rich Homie Quan? Were you nervous at all?

Lol, I always seem to get a little nervous before performances, but once I am on the stage the music and vibe just takes over me so it is never shown. I enjoyed opening up for them. It felt like how concerts must feel for other artists

-What is your ritual before a show?

I don’t really have a ritual. I’m just relaxing. I don’t like feeling stressed or doing too much before a show, so I relax eat listen to music, etc.

-Take me back to your first performance. What was that experience like and what was going through your head?

My first performance was really fun. I had been practicing for about a month before my first show, so I could be over prepared and it would be effortlessly delivered on stage. I performed my first single entitled “Balenciaga,” so I had Kwony Cash with me. He had his crew and I had all my closest friends with me as well all on stage, so it felt like a party.

-If we went through your playlist on your phone or laptop, who would we find? What is your “go to” song right now?

You could find playlist that include Rihanna, Aaliyah, Chris Brown, Young Thug, J. Alvarez, Drake, Prince, Marc Anthony, The Weekend, and Future just to name a few. My go to song is Ooouuu by Young Ma right now.

-I love your song “Balenciaga.” Can you tell those who may not have heard the song yet, its concept?

The song is really just about independence and not really needing a man to provide the things that you want for yourself. It is one of those anthems to let em know that you come with value as well!

-What’s next? Any touring plans?

I’m working on my new EP project executive produced by Drumma Boy and features some other production as well. The project drops first quarter 2017. My team has also been in meetings with labels nonstop over this summer as we dropped my debut EP project. I am claiming nothing but success and growth in 2017 with my career.

-How can fans get hold of you?

Please connect with me on social media. Thank you guys for all of your support, it means the world to me and for this interview!

Twitter/Instagram – @alexisayaana

Interviewed By: Simone Grant

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