RnB#15 HEARTTHROBS Digital Issue

What constitutes someone to be labeled a heartthrob? Is it their good looks or their charming personalities? How about their ability to mesmerize and evoke fantasies for women they may not even know? Whatever it is, these two young and talented actors, singers, and dancers are definitely on the top of our lists when we think about heartthrobs.

Introducing our May Issue…

Trevor Jackson has completely won us over and has crept up on us. The 19 year old has been quite busy this year. His latest mixtape “In My Feelings” has proven why he is the next generation of RnB.  Not to mention, he has landed his first lead role in  the Lynne Stoltz production “Sons 2 The Grave.”

Jacob Latimore has had one hell of a year himself. The actor is currently filming alongside Will Smith, Kate Winslet, and others for the soon to be blockbuster hit “Collateral Beauty” which is due for release towards the end of the year.

I think we’ve caught your attention with our cover boys, but there’s more! A lot more. RnB magazine wouldn’t be RnB magazine if we didn’t highlight some new voices who will soon rid the “new” once you’re introduced to them and their talent. Jin Luv, Sascha Xiomara, Jessica Louise, Nikki Flores, and Johnny Maxwell are five completely different artists with completely different sounds who all have one thing in common-the drive to be the next big thing.

While we indulge in all this talent, make sure you read up on Gary Lavard and a couple articles about dating and getting your groove back, and the talented Omarion, who has continuously kept our turn ups poppin’.

Happy May and happy heart- throbbing!

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