Singer/Musician David Live Talks “Running from Love” With RnB Magazine


He’s a self-taught multi instrumentalist and incredibly talented singer, producer, and performer. He’s David Live and he’s ready to bring back what’s been missing from R&B music – passion.  With his second album in the making, David Live takes time to talk to RnB Magazine:

What was the first instrument you taught yourself to play and what other instruments do you play?

Piano [was first]. I play guitar, bass, organ, drums, keyboard, trumpet.

Out of all the instruments you’ve learned to play, what attracted you most to playing guitar as your lead instrument?

The passion in it…Ever since I listened to Michael Jackson’s “Beat it”, and you know he’s got that Eddie Van Halen solo on the bridge, and ever since then I’ve just always wanted to learn…It’s so easy to lose yourself just in the passion of playing it…When you pick up that guitar and it’s screaming and it’s very emotional-driven.

You’re debut album was Finding Love and now you’re working on your sophomore album, Running from Love. The titles seem opposite. What was the inspiration behind each album title?

In the first one…the main character is looking for this love and he thinks it’s in a woman…He goes looking for love in all these wrong places and by the end of the album he ends up finding it in the place he should’ve looked first…. Now the second album…it’s kind of a continuation of that story.

On Finding Love you had interludes where the dialogue was focused around getting a girl back that you had done dirty. Did that really happen?

Yeah the way the story unfolds is…I’m a musician so I travel a lot…I’m dating and trying to be serious with a lady but the travel got in the way. So being a musician and saying I’ll be back in six months…that’s not going to fly. So it’s like yeah I’m doing her dirty but this time I’m grounded, I’m here, I’m serious but then in the Finding Love [album] he comes back and professes his love but she’s like no you’re too late. So then he goes through the whole process of trying to win her over…but by the end of the album it falls apart…Then he finds the real passion, the real love.

Do you have a love interest in your life right now?

Yeah…I currently do. How bout that [laughs]!

What can fans look to hear on this Running from Love album that differs from the last album?

More intense, I’ve grown a whole lot. I’m still producing my own stuff and playing probably eighty-five to ninety percent of the instruments and I’ve gotten tremendously better – thank God. So everything is just elevated one hundred percent.

When is the new album release?

The date right now is February 3rd, which is the first Sunday in February.

You’ll be performing in the RnB Magazine show at Fatboys 9904 Lounge. What can people who are new to the David Live experience expect?

They can expect to be wowed…I’ve been given a gift – truly a gift from God. Every time I go out whether it’s two people or fifty thousand people, I’m going to make sure that you understand that this gift is a gift and I’m going to give you every ounce of what I have.

What one thing would you say R&B music is missing today?

Passion. The one hole that I’ve been seeing for a couple of years is where is the I’m doing this because I was born to do this as opposed to I’m doing this ‘cause somebody gave me the right clothes and the right song.

Besides the upcoming album, what other projects should your fans look out for?

I’m going over seas [to the UK] after the release of the album and I have a three- month tour date over there.

Is there anything else you want the readers of RnB Magazine to know?

Just get ready…All I can say is just get ready because what you’re going to experience is going to be something you’ve always wanted to experience.






Interview by Just Jewel



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