Summa Summa Summa-Time Skirts

Ladies, summertime is here! It’s getting too hot to wear jeans and sweat pants. We all know everytime we are wearing jeans or leggings, our legs start sweating, making it real uncomfortable. It isn’t fun walking around with sweat all down our legs.

Wouldn’t it be easier for you ladies to go to work, school, or enjoy a day out wearing something that doesn’t make you sweat? Well, I’m here to help you out. The easiest way to reduce excessive sweating, is to wear loose clothing. When I say loose, I don’t mean skimpy or for you to walk around with little or no clothes on ladies. I mean lets try to wear something that’s sexy, yet sleek.

Below, are some pictures of long skirts that I think will fit you perfectly.

This long black skirt is exactly what I mean by comfortable. Underneath is a short black skirt so you won’t need to wear spandex. On top, is a beautiful black cover-up attached to add the classy to your closet.

This skirt is hot right ladies? This beautiful black, grey, and white skirt is just what every lady needs in her closet. It’s knee length from the back and a little short from the front to add a little bit of sexy to your outfit. You can wear this when you go out partying or on a date with the guy of your dreams. Trust me, you will receive compliments.

This long skirt gives the tribal/abstract look to your outfit. If you wear a cute bandeau or crop-top, you will look very sexy.

Everyone needs a little floral in their life. I know what you guys are thinking! You don’t like too many flowers on a skirt because it makes you look childish. But, check this out. There is a little split on the side which adds an extra umph on top of a little sexiness. Not childish at all right ladies!?

I love this color! It’s gives a very oceanic style. Right ladies? This two-toned skirt is something I would wear to the beach or to a bbq. Anything outdoors would be perfect for this skirt.

Lastly, I think this skirt is very sophisticated. You could wear this to a job interview, to a meeting, or even class. I love the buttons in the front. They add a very sophisticated look. This would also go good with a black bandeau or a crop top.

All of these images were taken from www.forever21.com. If you want to find or buy any of these skirts, visit their website or visit one of your local malls.

By: Simone Grant

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