Tamar Braxton On Changing Her Last Name

Finally!!! After being together for nearly a decade, five of those years married, Tamar Braxton has finally done the one thing millions of girls are waiting to do, change her last name.

The Love & War singer recently confused on the Real that she has kept her “Braxton” last name in order to keep her professional identity, but she recently changed it after having her first child.

“The other night we were at dinner right. The waiter was like Mrs. Herbert. And I’m like (Tamar looks around confused)… OK? Because I’ve been Tamar Braxton all of my life. So it was kind of weird. I just kind of changed my last name,” Braxton admits on The Real.

She adds for the change: “…That’s why I changed my name on my license. So me and Logan and Vincent can have the same last name.”

No worries Braxton fans, Mrs. Herbert will continue to use her moniker while Tamar Herbert will be on all the paperwork


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