The Dream Says Blacks Can’t Do Soul Records Anymore

The-Dream was back in the spotlight and all over the net last week due to his consecutive sold-out shows in NYC, twitter rants over The-Weeknd, and his shows at SXSW. Not one who is known to hold his thoughts in, Mr. Nash had a recent interview with UK publication The Guardian, in which the mega hitmaker made a bold statement regarding the transition of artists making successful ‘soul’ records these days…

“What’s crazy is that blacks can’t do soul records any more. We love Adele singing it, but Beyoncé singing it? No, the tempo’s too slow, gimme the club hit. Now the blacks in America are responsible for the pop records, and everybody else is singing soulful records. It’s weird to me. We’re pigeonholed over there.”

Woord? What do you think of this statement?? We must say, we had a similar conversation about this as well, though not to the same extent…

In regards to his 2011 free album “1977″ and the blunt, confessional tones, Nash maintains he was merely trying to reconnect with the roots of his genre. “It’s called rhythm and blues; they just took the blues out of it for so long.”

While there is no set release date for his fourth studio album “Love IV…” you can rest assured he is leaving the psychiatrist couch-esque soul-barring themes for his next free album. Tentatively entitled “1984: Persona Of Love,” on which he intends to explore love’s masochistic allure, “Love is like a rocker who jumps off the stage and whacks you with his guitar, but you still go back for more,” he explained.

The delay of “Love IV” may continue as Nash is still writing new songs to add to the tracklist. Yet despite a newly acquired sonic “heaviness”, he assures that normal service will be triumphantly resumed. When asked, “What are its lyrical themes?” he mused theatrically, “Hmm, let me think. Sex, sex … and more sex.”

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