Tianna Jenkins Author of the novel “Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed” Speaks with RnB

RNB: What is the thesis of your book?

Tianna Jenkins: The Thesis of my book Is Society. I’m talking about society within the community’s. Society revolves around everyone’s social life. Society is how you market yourself, and label yourself: Via Social Media, and public acts. I want people to feel the need to be tapped inside their own beliefs, and not someone else’s point of view.  The theme is Phenomenal, and it feeds off of my introduction majorly. “Greatness in ink makes inspiration in silence.” -Tianna Jenkins

RNB:  What element of your life gave you the most inspiration to write your novel?

Tianna Jenkins:  I most definitely inspired myself, but life gave me the motivation to begin writing my novel. I’m the type of young woman who can be impressed by the hard times in life, and turn it into positive energy. There’s always a blessing in disguise.

RNB:  Explain the writing process, was there a specific time you set aside to write or was it whenever you had the motivation?

Tianna Jenkins: I usually balance my everyday life. I’m busy with my fashion brand, family, and writing so I divide my schedule in half, and do my writing at nighttime on certain days of the week.

RNB:  Was there any research you had to do and if so in what was it on?

Tianna Jenkins: Yes, I actually incorporated Michael Jordan, and Bill Gates into my chapter one. The reason for making that a huge factor was because I presented a very powerful Statistic, and those two entrepreneurs fit the logic very well.

RNB:  What publishing company is your booking going to be published by?

Tianna Jenkins: I have two directions in mind.

Option 1: I’m considering self-publishing

Option 2: The (Author/Publisher) Marvin D. Cloud from Houston, Texas will be publishing my material.

RNB:  Prior to writing your upcoming novel what type of writing did you do: blogging, journaling, poems, short stories, etc.?

Tianna Jenkins: I’ve done blogging, and wrote short stories. High School helped me develop my writing skills. I took varies of writing courses like Language Arts, Reading Class, Eng 1,Eng 2,Eng 3, and Eng 4 throughout my school days. My Writing could only get stronger, so I’m considering taking a journalism course in college this spring.

RNB:  Writers are known to have a way with words do you agree? Why or why not?

Tianna Jenkins:  I agree with this statement because there’s a difference between reading words as a regular individual VS. Reading words in an author’s perspective. I believe a writer is a Penman Artist. The words of an author become a Visual platform in my opinion.

RNB:  A common saying is, “It is not what you say but how you say it” do you find this to be FGM? Why or why not?

Tianna Jenkins: This sounds like Constructive Criticism to me. I most definitely agree with this statement. How you say things should always have a reason behind speaking on certain situations we voice out of our own mouths. You either saying it to make a critic of someone or bettering a person in a descent manor.

RNB:  Some people say that people who use curse words have a small vocabulary, what academic word would you use for someone who was being a “dumbass”?

Tianna Jenkins:  A “dumbass” is only a description to me. I will say that a person who’s being low on intelligence is acting, or has chosen to act in such a way. It’s more of an act, instead of a label.

RNB:  In what ways has writing your novel changed you as a person?

Tianna Jenkins: I live up to my novel that I’m writing. I put myself in the shoes of a potential buyer or reader. I believe if I can feel inspired by my artistical writing, then I know for a fact I can inspire a whole nation once my book releases.

RNB:  What message do you want you readers to receive through reading your book?

Tianna Jenkins: I want my readers to feel in control of what they’re reading, and past the knowledge along the way. A blessing isn’t a blessing without informing someone else about your gained knowledge or experience.

RNB:  Will we be seeing more books from the author Tianna Jenkins in the future? If so what are some ideas?

Tianna Jenkins: I would love to branch and do short inspirational writing films based on the community’s around me. I will also address different topics along my journey of writing. Yes, in the future I will have audio books, and other type of books.

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