Trinidad Mogulista Ameniki Opens Up About Being A Mompreneur & Turning Her Pain Into Profit



“My brand represents the underdog, the individuals who know that in their heart they were destined for greatness,

but just need help getting there.”


Those are the words of a woman who introduced herself to me as an Entrepreneur Empowerment Powerhouse. And while looking over her creative resume, I now understand why. Ameniki, a blogger, social media strategist, and BBBF (Blogger Business Best Friend, takes full pride and in her all the ups and downs throughout her journey as an entrepreneur. Born and raised in Trinidad, she’s currently making an impact in her community by helping others with her tips and personal losses in business.




After experiencing 5 business failures, Ameniki is the definition of an entrepreneur who’s not afraid it dust herself off and try again! Today, Ameniki is using her past pain and turning it into profit! She’s taking her life-learned lessons and inspiring others to channel their inner mogul or mogulista.

What intrigued me most about Ameniki is how authentic her brand is! Just by her initial approach to her audience, you know right away that she’s not only there to help, but she understands the struggle most entrepreneurs have gone through or are currently experiencing. Ameniki admits, “My brand is for that person who got doors slammed in their face, who were denied loans, who were left out in the cold because they were not hip enough. The business person, who has tried on numerous occasions to win but is still figuring it out and does not have the finances to hire some-one to help. I know the feeling of having a huge amount of expenses for your business but not being able to juggle all of them and wanting some-one with the right intentions to help you. I have been in several different business ventures since 2008 but my blog has enabled me to have a voice about the state of entrepreneurship locally.”




As single mother of a beautiful two-year-old baby girl, her ultimate goals not only consist of encouraging millenials with her writing and services while gaining financial freedom in the process. Her greatest goal of all is making her daughter proud in the process. “I have a daughter who is ultimately awesome and looks up to me. I can’t be just anybody, I need to be great.”

If you ask me, Ameniki is on the right track. I always say, the best people you can learn from are the people who have been there, and done that – So be sure to check her out! You never know what knowledge you’ll gain from your new BBBF.


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