Valentine’s Day Date Ideas + Their Perfect Theme Songs

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As we all know, Valentine’s Day has become extremely mainstream and less about the vibes and more about what gifts are being given. So we are here to remind you to WAKE UP & smell the roses, enjoy the time spent and build a bond stronger than some regular ol’ gift. With that being said, we put together a cute little list of some dates for you all. AND we included a theme song to go with it to get the V-Day vibes flowing! Take a look at the list below and let us know which date you’ll be trying out!

Mini Road Trip

We are aware that Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday but that doesn’t mean you can’t live a little! Take a mini road trip to the closest city that you haven’t checked out yet. Or if you don’t mind celebrating during the weekend, head over to a close by state and enjoy the change of scenery.

Theme Song: Khalid – “Location” 

Catch ‘Black Panther’ in Theaters

There isn’t much we can say here but GO SEE THIS MOVIE! You and your boo will totally enjoy this film filled with black family, black love, black unity…all black everything. Critics are already saying it’s the best film that Marvel has put out. Well, there you go, folks!

Theme Song: Method Man & Mary J. Blige – “I”ll Be There for You”

Poetry Reading

This right here is for our creatives! A poetry reading with some wine and your significant other by your side makes for a good evening. Afterwards you guys can discuss your favorite poems and maybe even write your own for each other.

Theme Song: Rihanna – “Love on the Brain”


If you and your s/o don’t have an issue partying it up during the week then we suggest you two go grab a drink or a few and enjoy some musically vibes. No social media…actually no phones. Just some fun times!

Theme Song: Frank Ocean – “Pyramids”

Museum/Art Gallery

For those that like to check out art on a regular, grab your love and head over to a museum that you haven’t checked out yet. Dissect the art, get your juices flowing and pick out your favorite pieces.

Theme Song: Maxwell – “Pretty Wings”

Dinner at Home

Yes, dinner at home is something that happens often. But how often do you guys cook together and actually enjoy it? Exactly. Blast your favorite playlist, pick out a new recipe and enjoy the time together in the kitchen. Don’t forget the dessert!

Theme Song: Usher – “Trading Places”

Binge-Watch Fest

Most of us find ourselves working way too much and never having enough time to just relax. Take this Valentine’s Day to catch up on all those shows you two keep adding to your Netflix list. Grab some fuzzy socks/comfy pjs, lots of snacks, a ton of blankets and snuggle up in that bed until Netflix asks “Are you still watching?”

Theme Song: Jhene Aiko Feat. Childish Gambino – “Bed Peace”

Paint Night

Most have heard of Paint and Sips but wouldn’t it be better to paint each other at home? We think so! Grab some paint supplies to go, your favorite wine and well, get naked! Oh, y’all thought you were painting on paper? Ha!

Theme Song: Sabrina – “Unravel Me”

Popping the Question! (This is a bonus one, folks)

No, it’s not cliche to pop the question on Valentine’s Day! A lot of people will say it but who cares? We surely don’t! If you’re ready to take that next step with your significant other, then who cares what others think? Like Wale said, “Couldn’t make you wait forever, for forever.”

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