Want Some Dip With Those Chips, Rihanna?

Beware tardy entertainers! After showing up  more than a hour and a half late for her  “Diamonds World Tour” in Manchester (UK), Rihanna became the live target of chips after kicking off her concert.

In the below fan video, Rihanna is seen checking fans following a performance of her hit “Rude Boy.”

“There’s a good crazy, and there’s a bad crazy, when you throw s*** up here, that’s an epic fail,” she says adding, “I wanna get your gifts, but I don’t want you to knock my people out before we do this s***.

The pop star became even more intense after another chip was thrown. “I swear to God, cut that s*** out. Really! Chips? Chips though? That’s that important?”

Not letting a few ignorant fans deter her show, the entertainer went back to giving fans what they came for.

Check out the video

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