WHAT WENT WRONG: Chris Brown and Rihanna

When Chris Brown and Rihanna started dating, I was one of those people that gushed over how cute they were. Spotted out together all the time, they gave the impression of a happy and very much in love couple. That all changed when one night after a grammy party, an argument over an alleged text message, turned into a domestic dispute. It was reported that Chris received a text message from another woman. An argument ensued that left Rihanna with a busted lip, contusions and bite marks on her hand. Rihanna and Brown broke up and she appeared to be doing a good job of staying away from him. She broke her silence in an interview with 20/20 and seemed traumatized by the incident. Chris was ordered to take anger management classes and also ordered to stay away from Rihanna for five years.

It was apparent that once Rihanna was over the incident she was still in love with Chris Brown. In an interview with Oprah, she admitted to this. Rihanna even had a hand in getting the restraining order against Brown lifted and not soon after it was lifted, the two were back together. Chris who’d been dating a model by the name of Karrueche, denied this saying that Rihanna as well as Karrueche were his good friends and that he was single. Despite the title of whatever was going on, it didn’t last long. Rihanna and Brown reported broke up again and this time it seems to be for good. He has been spotted out with Karrueche, and while it appeared that Rihanna won Karrueche and the singer were at one point taking shots at each other. Now  it seems that Karrueche won the man. For now.

2005- We are first introduced to the friends/couple at the 2005 Vibe AwardsMay 2007- Rihanna attends Chris' 18th birthday party at the 40/40 club. 2007- In September Chris announced he was "single and ready to mingle", while in October songtress Rihanna was linked to White Hot Actor Josh Hartnett.June 2008- Rihanna performed at The View and when asked abut her bdding romnce with Chris Brown the star claimed: “He’s an amazing person, but we are not dating. We’re very close friends though. Very, very close.”2008- It was obvious they were very close. After being linked to several different people, the twosome seem to find more time for each other. The two denied being in a relationship but it was reported that the two spent time swimming,  taking vacations and even spent the holidays together.Feb 2009- The fateful day that changed Chris Brown and Rihanna's life forever. Shortly after the incident Chris turned himself in and as later released on a 50k bail. Rihanna;s identity was not released til days later.2009-2011 For the next two years Rihanna's career shot into superstardom selling millions of records and performing at sold out arenas and becoming the covergirl for many beauty products. Chris on the other hand was still releasing music but the backlash from that tragic night continued to wreck havoc on his personal life resulting in several criminal charges including probation and community service.May 2011- Rihanna followers Chris Brown on social media site Twitter. After causing an uproar the singer eventually sent a message to the masses by saying : ‘It’s f****n’ Twitter… calm down.’      Feb 2012- Chris Brown is finally invited back to the Grammy's exactly 3 years after that tragic night. To top the night off he won Best R&B Album. To add content to his character the crooner  tweeted: ‘HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate F**K OFF.’Feb 2012- Rihanna surprises the world and records a song with her abuser Chris Brown.Aug 2012- Rihanna is interviewed by Oprah on her Next Chapter's show and confused her look for the troubled singer. “We built a trust again and that's it. We love each other and we probably always will.” Sept 2012- Chris Brown and Rihanna continue to tweet each other and even get similar tattoos.late 2012-2013- The drama the is known as the Chris Brown Love Triangle takes affect. Chris Brown acknowledges that he is on lov with both mistress and former girlfriend Rihanna and present model and girlfirend Karruenche Tran.2013- Finally!! After getting tired of the playing the second wheel, Rihanna finally decides to give up her relationship with Chris and move on with her life.

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