Love Is In The Air… Whoops, Must Be Valentine’s Day | RnB #13

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Pretty soon there will be teddy bears ,chocolate , and balloons in every store. Most holidays now are very commercialized. It’s more about the decorations and the gifts than the actual holiday. That includes Valentine’s, Halloween, Christmas, and New years. Months before the actual day, all the decorations are already up. People believe they have to go over the top to impress their partner which isn’t necessary.
The actual meaning of Valentine’s day-Valentine’s day was named for St. Valentine who was martyred in the third century. For wedding young couples in secret. Another theory is that another man named valentine was matyryed in the outskirts of Rome. There are a dozen saints named valentine. The first love note on record was written in the fourteenth century. There is no note of the holiday being celebrated before the fifteenth century. It’s believed it was fashioned after a pagan festival called Lupercalia. Which was an annual fertility festival celebrated on February fifteenth. Around the same time the Norman’s celebrated Galatain’s day. Galatain meaning “lover of women”.

What normally happens on Valentine’s Day is your partner, if you’re in a relationship, brings you gifts flowers, candy, and balloons. You plan a date or dinner, then they dote on you to show and tell how much they love you. But if valentine’s and Christmas are the only day your partner shows the world how much they love you, there are major issues. So the partner feels they have to go over the top and buy gifts you don’t need. On the other hand if every day you are treated with love, then valentines is just another day. There are many different ways a day can go for people on valentines. Depends if people are single, widowed or if they have partners. Also if they don’t enjoy holidays in general.

If you’re single you can gather with other friends or family members and exchange gifts. Go to lunch or a group date. This occurrence is rare. Most people that are single sit and sulk on this day wishing they have a partner and are envious of other couples. A lot of people despise holidays because of the commercialism. Most holidays have gotten away from the true meaning. Holidays are much more than decoration and who can out buy the other one. Some people just choose not to celebrate valentines or other holidays. Because they are alone or their family is too far away to celebrate with, or they don’t have the means to travel to them or maybe even they’re not on good terms.
But because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean your valentine’s day is better than someone in a relationship. Your partner might not be romantic or be cheap. They might only give you a card or make dinner. I personally don’t agree with going over the top. A million balloons and teddy bears and flowers. Just keep it simple. A single rose and some candy and a small bear, depending if your partner likes stuffed animals. Every day you should treat your partner with love and respect. Cherish and dote on them. Let the whole world know you love them and they’re important. So when holidays approach you don’t have to go over the top. That day will just be another day and it won’t matter if you bought them a single rose.

By: Amanda Goodman

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