Working on Yourself while in a Relationship

Ladies, have you ever found yourself in a relationship and everything is going well but you find yourself unhappy? You are no longer doing the things you enjoy and not doing what you always wanted maybe because you got comfortable in your relationship or you have so many other things going on in your life and you feel a little selfish when you take time for yourself. Well you shouldn’t, it’s ok to be in a relationship and continue working on yourself and you personal goals. And here are a few tips how:

1. Make dates with your girlfriends and keep them: Since you’ve been in your relationship you may have forgotten about the ones who were there for you when you were alone. You need to catch up with your girls even if it’s just for dinner and drinks. Women need to be in the company of other women it will make you happy as well as something to look forward too!

 2. Try to learn something new:  This can be something simple such as learning to cook a new dish or something big like learning a new language or going back to school. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow. And there no better way for self-fulfillment than to learn a new trait to add to your roster!

 3. Spend some time alone: There is nothing wrong with spending time by yourself. You might learn something about you that can change your whole perspective on many things. Just being comfortable in your own space is truly priceless. And again, this doesn’t need to be anything major. You can sit in your room and watch t.v. or take yourself out to a movie or on a shopping trip.

4.  Take a trip!: Sometimes we get stuck in our routines and need to get away for a while. This can be a day trip or a weekend. Pack a bag and be out! Find a place you can go to for the rest and relaxation you deserve and rediscover yourself.

5.  Get your body right: Join a gym and lose that extra weight you have been promising yourself you were going to get rid of. Stop putting it off! You will find that once you start to get that body tight you will feel better about yourself and your confidence level will go up and when you go out to do the things I mentioned in 1-4 you will look good doing it!

With doing all this you may be wondering if you are risking your relationship. If you have a man that doesn’t appreciate a woman who wants to learn and grow then yes, you are risking it. But you should also remember to continue to make time for your man and encourage him to go out to do some of the things he has always wanted to do or has stopped doing since you two have been together. This life is about learning and growing so we can continue to elevate from one phase of life to the next and if you feel like you need to step outside of your relationship to work on yourself then you do that and do not allow anyone to convince you otherwise. So what are you waiting for go work on yourself, there is no time like the present!

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